Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit

Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit

The Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit is a blood test that can indicate if you have been infected by coronavirus (the virus that causes the disease COVID-19).

The Kit is an easy-to-use pinprick test that allows you to take a small blood sample at home and post it — free of charge — to our UKAS-approved lab partner. Once it is analysed, you will receive your results via email within a few days.

  • Results received in 3-5 days
  • Price £70.00 per test kit
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How does it work?

When your body is infected with a virus, your immune system responds by producing IgG antibodies. The Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit detects the presence of these IgG antibodies and, as a result, determines if you have been infected with coronavirus.

If IgG antibodies are detected in your blood then you may have some degree of immunity to coronavirus. However, as the virus that causes COVID-19 is so new, scientists are not yet sure how long IgG levels remain elevated and exactly what level of immunity they are able to offer.

How does it work?

Understanding your test results

Your test will give you one of three results:
positive, negative, or borderline.

  • You have detectable IgG antibodies
  • You do not have detectable IgG antibodies
  • You have some detectable IgG antibodies

It is important to understand what your result means to help you get the most out of the Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit. Below is a table showing you what each result could mean.
  • Result What it means
  • Positive A positive result indicates that you have IgG antibodies present in your blood. If you receive a positive result, it is likely that you have been infected with coronavirus.
  • Negative A negative result means that you had no detectable IgG antibodies when you took the test. If your result is negative, it is likely that you have not been infected with coronavirus.

    It may take up to 21 days to produce detectable IgG antibodies. Therefore, please be aware there is a chance that the test may deliver a negative result if it’s taken too early, even if you have been recently infected. The test should be taken 21 days after you start to experience COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Borderline A borderline result indicates that you have some IgG antibodies in your blood, but not enough to confirm that you have been infected with coronavirus.

    This result may occur if there was an error in the test or if it was taken too soon (i.e. less than 21 days after your symptoms started). A borderline result is rare, so it’s unlikely that you will receive a borderline result if the test is taken 21 days after the onset of symptoms.
What to do after you receive your test results

What to do after you receive your test results

The UK government has put guidelines in place to protect the wider population from COVID-19. Therefore, no matter what result you receive, it is important that you follow the advice given by the government and the NHS. This includes social distancing, shielding the vulnerable, and washing your hands regularly.

Helping our NHS

Helping our NHS

For each Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit we sell, we will give 10% to NHS Charities Together to help fight the coronavirus pandemic and support NHS workers on the front line.

The Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit: the facts you need to know (FAQs)

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