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Mixing music and men's health: our partnership with Rinse FM

By Abbie Moujaes

To mark World Health Day on April 7th, we partnered with the radio station Rinse FM to create a series of conversations focusing on the issues affecting men today.

We worked with a number of people from within the music industry and beyond to get men talking about topics including fatherhood, sex and relationships, feelings, fitness, alcohol and nutrition. Afterwards, we caught up with Rinse's COO Finn Ryan who helped to choreograph the whole week to ask him how he found connecting Rinse with a men's health & wellness brand.

What did you initially think about the project and how did you think it would be received by the Rinse audience?

We were really excited to start having more conversations about the issues affecting men because it’s something which needs more airtime in our community. As these kinds of topics aren't spoken about every day we felt that it might feel unfamiliar for both our audience and the guests we’d invited on...

How easy was it to get artists involved?

It was surprisingly easy to find artists and personalities to get involved with the shows. Our talent pool was carefully curated to ensure we’d have a good balance of voices and opinions but overall we found that talent were really receptive to the idea of talking about men’s issues!

What was the feedback from the episodes?

The alcohol episode was a real standout for us. Luke Howard (Horse Meat Disco) and DJ Ron guested on the show and both have been through loads of parties but found a more measured approach more recently. Luke is actually an alcohol counselor so he had some really useful information and anecdotes. For a lot of our audience, going out partying is a regular thing and sometimes when you’re surrounded by people who are all drinking a lot it can seem normal. Hearing how this kind of behaviour can be damaging and learning about some of the associated risks was a real eye opener.

What was your favourite episode and why?

For me, the fatherhood episode was my favourite. Jermaine was hosting with DJ Spoony and SK Vibemaker alongside him and hearing those three talk about how kids had changed their lives and the way they were able to open up about some of the struggles that they continue to overcome was inspirational. I know all three guys professionally but having heard them talking about their families and how important they are, I feel like I know them all much better as people too. There’s a bit in there where SK talks about something he and his partner went through on their journey, something really difficult, and Spoony just stops the conversation to touch hands with SK and show respect for the way he was able to share. That was a good moment.

Any myths that were busted for you personally?

One that left me thinking was in the episode about masculinity where Emerald was talking about how Louis Theroux was a great male role model. Not so much a myth but I was watching one of his documentaries the other day and it’s kind of changed how I look at Louis. He can definitely be very awkward but he owns it which is cool. That and learning that Viagra doesn’t work for women, apparently they’re a little bit more complicated than guys.

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