Safety Information

Blood test dos and don’ts

First of all, thank you for choosing Numan. Your answers to the consultation questions have been reviewed by one of our clinicians.

Ahead of receiving your blood test, we’d like to give you a quick introduction to the blood test. The following guide should help you learn how to use your test kit effectively, and give you some important information before you start.

How is the at-home test taken?

Taking the at-home test is easy and convenient. Just follow the simple steps below. Full instructions will be included in your test kit.

You should set aside around 20 minutes to complete the whole process, especially if it’s your first time taking a blood sample at home. It is important to stay well hydrated before taking the test to avoid any fainting or dizziness. We recommend having a normal evening meal the night before you complete the test, and then sips of water in the morning. This will ensure the most accurate results.

  1. Wash your hands in warm water for four minutes and then dry them.
  2. Remove the bottles from the labelled holders and remove the coloured lid from the bottles and push them into the groove at the top of the transport container.
  3. Wipe your chosen finger (one of the middle three is best) with the alcohol wipe and allow it to air dry. Twist off the blue tab from the end of the lancet. Roll the elastic band down your finger to the second knuckle. Your finger will become red as it fills with blood.
  4. Place the exposed hole in the lancet on your finger tip, but slightly to one side. Press the lancet against your finger and the blade will prick your finger and return inside the device. Wipe away the first drop of blood with the gauze.
  5. If you have a purple, green and/or grey bottle, fill them to the 0.5ml line. These bottles must be gently shaken whilst you are taking the blood in order to mix the blood with the additive in the tube. The yellow bottle needs to be as full as possible, ideally to the 0.8ml line. If you are unsuccessful, repeat with another finger.
  6. Remove the band and press the gause onto the wound. Replace the correct lids on the bottle sand push them back into the holders. Place the bottle and holder in the transport container and close the lid.
  7. Check the details on the labels are correct and place the transport containers, any used or unused lancets and completed forms in the prepaid coloured return envelope. Do not return the box. Remove the seal protection strip and close the coloured envelope. The sample can now be posted for free via any UK post box.

In case of an urgent medical problem, please contact NHS 111 via or by calling 111. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To speak to our clinical team please email [email protected].