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Quit smoking

Kick the habit once and for all. Put down your last cigarette with the help of our 12-week Quit Smoking Programme.

Prices start from:

£99.00 a month

Prices start from £99.00 a month.

Includes phone counselling, CBT, and varenicline.

Varenicline can significantly increase the chance of quitting.

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The big questions

What is the Quit Smoking Programme?

The Quit Smoking Programme combines three unique therapies (medication, phone counselling, and cognitive behavioural therapy) to help you conquer your cravings and stop smoking within 12 weeks.

How does the Quit Smoking Programme work?

During the Programme, you’ll receive a 12-week prescription of varenicline (medication to reduce cravings), as well as daily cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) via emails and texts to keep you on track with your treatment.

Each week, you can book a phone counselling session with a clinician for advice on how to manage cravings, and if needed, you can also order a Ripple vape to help reduce the behaviour patterns associated with smoking.

Our Quit Smoking Programme

Varenicline Starter Pack (Quit Smoking Programme)

(Generic Varenicline)

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Varenicline Maintenance Pack (Quit Smoking Programme)

(Generic Champix)

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The quit smoking journey

Weeks 1-2: in week one you’ll start taking varenicline, and in week two we’ll set you a quit date (the date you’ll stop smoking).

Weeks 2-8: from week two, you’ll receive cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) via emails and texts to help you stay smoke-free.

Weeks 8-12: after continued therapy with varenicline, CBT, and phone counselling, you should no longer feel the urge to smoke.

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The Quit Smoking Programme: what to expect

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