Capillary blood test

Weight Loss Blood Test

A scale doesn’t tell the full story. As you lose weight on the outside, significant shifts happen on the inside. This test unveils those changes, helping you to understand the full spectrum of your weight loss journey. The more you know, the more motivated you’ll be. Subscribe for regular at-home testing today and say goodbye to guesswork.

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Key insights into your weight loss


Diabetes indicators

Your diet is linked to your HbA1c levels (an indicator for diabetes). Monitoring this marker throughout your weight loss journey allows you to track your risk.


Cholesterol and heart health

Track your cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides, giving a clear picture of your heart health and improvements made as you lose weight.


Testosterone levels

Testosterone fluctuations are known to impact weight loss and weight gain in both men and women.

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You're in safe hands

We're experts in men's health. Numan is regulated by the CQC and MHRA. All our clinical staff are based in the UK and are either, GMC, GPhC or NMC registered.

Sophie Kanani Senior Health Coach

Sophie Kanani

Senior Health Coach

BSc (Hons)


Dr Luke Pratsides

Head of Medical


Prof Sam Shah

Prof Sam Shah

Chief Medical Strategy Officer


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Comprehensive testing

Full laboratory analysis, broken down into actionable insights by our experts.

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Lifetime discounts on Numan treatments and supplements.


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