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Here are 8 treatments to choose fromSildenafil side effects: how common are they?No, hair loss treatments don’t work for everyone. Here’s why.5 things you should know about giving bloodTestosterone diet: the ultimate meal planThe correct Rhodiola rosea dosage for erectile dysfunctionThe 4 different types of erectile dysfunctionWhy you should check your vitamin D levels - especially if you live in the UK Tired and putting on weight? Check your thyroid with a home blood test5 reasons you might not be able to get an erectionI asked psychotherapists if it’s okay to name your penisA doctor explains what to do if you have erectile dysfunction after cancer treatmentNuman survey reveals which region is most likely to have sex this Valentine’s DayHow to talk to your partner about sexual performanceHow to keep your kidneys healthy (and why it’s important)3 reasons why you should check your diabetes risk with a home blood test5 essential products for male sexual enhancementBlood diamonds and country exports: the surprising value of human bloodDoes exercise increase testosterone?A sex educator picks the 8 best sex toys for men 2022 - and tells us how to use themAnaemia: the world’s most common nutritional disorderHow your cholesterol levels tell you about the future of your healthIs your liver working properly? 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Here’s what you need to do.Brandon's 8-month hair regrowth storyThe ultimate 7-day high cholesterol diet plan7 fitness mistakes every man is makingArturo’s 3-month hair regrowth storyFrom A to B: Numan's latest funding roundWorld Suicide Prevention Day: risks, facts, and where to get support3 easy ways to treat premature ejaculationIntroducing Numan's Weight Loss ProgrammeThe unusual history of hair loss treatmentsWhy do men seek healthcare less often than women?3 reasons why you should look after your prostateHow natural sleep remedies help you get the perfect night’s restWhy digital healthcare is transforming men’s healthWhy is it easier for men to reach the big O?Are blue balls real? 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You don’t have to do it on your own.'Could coffee heat up your sex life?5 ways to fight acid refluxWhat women are actually thinking when you get erectile dysfunctionThe ultimate 7-day acid reflux diet planLosing a loved one: Dan’s mental and physical journey through grief4 ways to combat asthma Manopause: is a ‘midlife crisis’ actually a sign of male menopause?3 exercises to combat premature ejaculationNew Numan newsMinoxidil for beard growth: 5 reasons why the treatment might grow on youJames’ hair regrowth story5 fruits that will change your sex lifeBlood pressure medication and erectile dysfunction: everything you need to knowDebunking 7 of the most popular myths about CBD oilFrom sprays to steroids: the best alternatives to a hair transplantHas cycling put the brakes on your erections?What’s the link between statins and erectile dysfunction?Introducing our new environmentally-friendly packagingFrom penis pumps to shockwave therapy: 5 alternative treatments for erectile dysfunctionHow too much porn can cause erectile dysfunctionDoes alcohol cause erectile dysfunction?How it works: Numan's treatment journeyNuman's latest round of fundingThomas' hair regrowth storyIntroducing our Chief Medical Strategy Officer, Prof. Sam ShahIntroducing our Lead GP, Dr. Luke PratsidesWhat causes errors in blood test results?The 3 most common types of alopeciaThe Book of Erections The hard truth about testosterone and erectile dysfunctionGrant's hair regrowth storyCholesterol and erectile dysfunction: the inconvenient truthTesting for tiredness and fatigue with the Fear Nothing Blood Test PlusA general health check-up at home: how the Fear Nothing Blood Test worksDigital healthcare: how to safely order a prescription onlineHow do I know if I have enough vitamin D?Sunshine in my pocket: introducing Vitamin D BoostDavid's 5-month hair regrowth storyWhat if minoxidil doesn't work for me?Do hair loss medications have side effects?Finasteride vs minoxidil: which is best?What are the most common causes of hair loss?Talking men's mental health with Numan's founderThe little blue pill vs. the little white pill: is there a difference?Can women take Viagra?Can you buy Viagra online?The do's and don'ts of taking ViagraHow much porn is too much porn?The recommended sildenafil dosage for treating ED How to use tadalafil tablets safelyTaking sildenafil citrate for erectile dysfunctionSildenafil vs tadalafil:  which one is right for you?How to use sildenafil citrate tablets safely Why you no longer need to pay high prices for ED treatmentErectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasiaErectile dysfunction and heart disease Testosterone: what part does it play in your erections?Common acupuncture points for erectile dysfunctionA complete guide to acupuncture for erectionsDelivery from NumanThe link between diabetes & erectile dysfunction in menErectile dysfunction after your hernia surgeryWhat are the common causes of erectile dysfunction?Are there foods that can help improve erectile function?Erectile dysfunction and depression: speaking the unspeakableGinseng benefits: does ginseng treat erectile dysfunction?A complete guide to Rhodiola rosea for erectionsA complete guide to Panax ginseng for erections3 exercises designed to help improve erectile function 6 popular natural remedies for erectile dysfunction The correct L-arginine dosage for EDA complete guide to L-arginine for erectionsThe heart and the penis: these bad habits could be softening your erection6 simple workouts for better sexYour penis is not a muscle, and 6 other things you probably didn’t know about erections10 intriguing sex trends you need to know aboutWhy it’s time to stop thinking of sex as a performanceHow can I get over my body image anxiety during sex?The science behind "pilly willy": here's what recreational drugs can do to your sex lifeThe common causes of hair lossThe 3 best hair loss treatments for men (backed by research)Why do men lose their hair and go bald?Testing for sexual function and fertility with the Fear Nothing Blood TestHow to navigate consent without spoiling the momentEverything you need to know about hair thinning9 signs your health and fitness are on track at 30Mindfulness: the key to a healthy, hard erectionWhat are the benefits of L-Arginine for men?5 reasons we built Numan