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The big questions

Why can’t I grow a beard?

When growing a beard, there are some common obstacles that you might face. Patchiness, uneven growth, and an inability to connect parts of the beard together are just a few of these, and they can make it harder to grow a strong-looking beard.

There are a few reasons why growing a thick, full beard is more difficult for some men than others, but the most common reason is down to genetics. There are, however, solutions out there that can help you amplify your beard and make the most out of what you’ve got.

How can I grow a better beard?

The good news if you’re struggling to grow facial fuzz is that beard growth treatments, such as the Beard Growth Kit, make it easier to grow a thicker, fuller beard. They can stimulate growth across all areas of the beard to fill in patches, promote even growth, and connect the beard to give it a fuller appearance.

One of the key components of the Beard Growth Kit is the Extra Strength Spray (containing minoxidil) which helps stimulate and speed up beard growth.

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How beard growth treatments work

Normally, it takes about one to three months to notice any changes to your beard when you start using a beard growth treatment.

After a few months of continuous treatment, you should begin to notice increased beard growth as new hairs emerge.

Beyond four months, beard coverage should significantly improve as thicker hairs fill in patches of uneven growth and give the beard a denser appearance.

The beard growth treatment journey

  1. Take a free online consultation, choose your preferred beard growth treatment, and our team of clinicians will review your request. If approved your beard growth treatment will be swiftly and discreetly delivered to your door.
  2. Each month you’re with us, we’ll send you a refill of your treatment, helping you stay focussed on growing your beard without having to visit a pharmacy in person.
  3. We also provide clinical support for free, for as long as your treatment plan is active. Our clinical team are here to help you get the most out of your plan - just drop us an email.
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What our clinicians say

“For many men, growing a full, thick beard can be difficult. Numan’s Beard Growth Kit aims to help make the process easier, with our Extra Strength Spray to promote growth, and accessories to keep facial hair looking its best.”

Prof Sam Shah
Prof Sam Shah

Chief Medical Strategy Officer


Dr Luke Pratsides
Dr Luke Pratsides

Lead GP


Ms Danielle Brightman
Ms Danielle Brightman

Clinical Lead

MPharm PgDip PCert

Ms Rupal Joshi
Ms Rupal Joshi

Clinical Lead

MPharm PgDip PCert

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Free, discreet, speedy delivery

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