Act early to prevent hair loss

Good news: male-pattern hair loss can be treated. For the best chance at maintaining your mane, start treatment early.

Good news: male-pattern hair loss can be treated. For the best chance at maintaining your mane, start treatment early.

Prescriptions from £27.50/month

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men are affected by male-pattern hair loss in the UK.


of hair loss in men is treatable.


experience significant hair loss by age 65.

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Male pattern balding

What kind of hair loss are you experiencing?

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    Stage 1: hair loss not noticeable from a distance, but strands feel less thick

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    Stage 2: hair thinning or loss from crown (top) and temporal area (sides)

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    Stage 3: hair thinning or loss from anterior (front), mid-scalp and crown (top)

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    Stage 4: hair thinning or loss from anterior (front), mid-scalp, crown (top) and back

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65% of men see improved scalp coverage using finasteride

It really does work

Data from the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

We only offer medical products that have been licensed for sale in the UK and are regulated by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

How to use it

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    Answer questions about your health

    Complete an online consultation: A member of our clinical team will be able to tell you if this is the right treatment for you.

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    Make it a habit

    Take 1 tablet every day: finasteride works best when taken consistently –so try make it a habit.

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    Slow and steady wins the race

    Be patient: men usually see results after 3-6 months. Don’t be discouraged.

Most men will start noticing their hair loss months, if not years before doing anything about it. Act now with a comprehensive hair loss treatment plan.

Finasteride (Generic Propecia)

1mg Take one tablet every day 3 to 6 months £27.50 / month

Facts & myths about hair loss

  • Why am I losing my hair?

    The most common cause for hair loss in men is male-pattern hair loss, also known as male androgenetic alopecia (MAA). Typically, this affects the temples, front of the scalp and crown (top) and progresses at a different rate for each man. It is both genetic and affected by personal variations in your hormones.

    There are other causes for hair loss which have different features. Please note that the products Numan offers are only effective for MAA. If you’re not sure what is causing your hair loss, do see your GP for advice. Some of the different causes include:

    • • Alopecia areata: happens suddenly, in patches and hair loss may also include other areas of the body besides the scalp
    • • Telogen effluvium: affects the entire scalp, happens suddenly and is usually triggered by a stressful event or a new medication
    • • Tinea capitis: dry, scaly patches on the scalp which are often itchy.

  • Is male-pattern hair loss hereditary?

    Yes, in part. Although geneticists are not clear on the exact pattern of inheritance, having a close relative with male-pattern hair loss puts you at higher risk of developing it yourself. The other factor in male-pattern hair loss is hormonal: higher levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a modified version of testosterone) are associated with male-pattern hair loss. If you’re interested in learning more, you can consult Numan’s Book of Hair (coming soon).

  • Can you cure male-pattern hair loss?

    There is no absolute cure for male-pattern hair loss. Finasteride is a proven effective treatment which works to reduce hair loss and promote regrowth, but it only works as long as you are using it. After you stop treatment, you can expect all of the improvement in your hair quality to be lost in 6-12 months. If you’re interested in learning more about male-pattern hair loss and how the different treatments work, you can consult Numan’s Book of Hair (coming soon).

  • What are my options for treating male-pattern hair loss?

    You have a few different options. The first-line treatment that Numan offers is finasteride, a tablet which you take once every day. It works by reducing the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT - a modified form of testosterone which is involved in male-pattern hair loss) present in the scalp, thereby helping to maintain and promote hair growth. Other options include cosmetic procedures such as scalp tattooing and hair transplantation. For more about your options when it comes to treating male-pattern hair loss, you can consult Numan’s Book of Hair (coming soon).

  • Is it safe to buy prescription medication online?

    When buying prescription medications online, you should always look out for the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) logo — you can see it on every page of the Numan website. This indicates that we are registered with the MHRA and that we are authorised to sell medicines online. Make sure that you answer all of the assessment questions accurately and truthfully, and if you’re not sure about an answer, check with your doctor. Always read the information leaflet that comes with your medication and follow the instructions.

Prescriptions from £27.50/month (1mg dose)

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