The fine print

Making a complaint

We use an internal complaints procedure to make sure we handle all complaints in the best way possible. Our procedure has 7 steps: Categorise, Acknowledge, Investigate, Action, Respond, Report, Learn.

As part of this procedure, we’re committed to confirming that a relevant manager has received any complaint within 24 hours of it being made. We then investigate the events surrounding each complaint to get a full understanding of what has occurred.

After finishing an investigation into any complaint you’ve made, we’ll send you a written response where we confirm the actions we’ve taken to resolve your complaint. We may also ask for further information where necessary.

Please note that the length of an investigation will vary depending on the nature of the complaint and who's involved, but we'll give you regular updates as the investigation goes on.

During the initial stages of your investigation, we’ll give you contact information for the manager investigating your complaint so you can contact them if you need to.

After your investigation is completed and you’ve received a written response from us, we’ll also follow up internally with the people involved to make sure we learn and improve our processes to avoid the situation happening again.

We’ll also provide information on where you can get extra help if you’re not happy with the responses or solutions we provide.

We are a member of The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), one of the largest dispute resolution providers in Europe. CEDR is a not-for-profit charity whose role is to help customers and businesses to find a way to resolve disputes with the assistance of a professionally trained conciliator if they are unable to resolve their complaints directly through the organisation's own complaints procedure.

To make a complaint, please email [email protected] with as much detail on the matter as you are able to provide. Please make sure to explicitly mention that this is a formal complaint.