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Numan is a digital health clinic for men, providing regulated medications and access to clinicians for the most common male health concerns.

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  • Free online consultation Free online consultation No awkward appointments
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Our experts

We’ve brought together leading experts to provide you with reliable, actionable information about the most pressing issues facing men today.

  • Dr Saskia Verhagen Dr Saskia Verhagen Numan Medical Director MRCP(UK) MBBS BSc (Hons.)
  • Dr Ryan Dr Ryan Foundation Doctor MBBS
  • Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan Superintendent Pharmacist
  • Mr Paul Erotocritou Mr Paul Erotocritou Consultant Urological Surgeon
  • Felix Economakis Felix Economakis Chartered Psychologist
  • Doug Tannahill Doug Tannahill Osteopath and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Knowledge is power

Equip yourself with the knowledge to take control of your health and well-being. Browse through our articles and videos to learn more about how to get the most out of your treatments.

Deny the problem all you like. Just don't deny yourself the solution.

3/4 of men don't go to the doctor when something's wrong.

Men are more likely to get cancer, heart disease and become overweight. Men are also more prone to smoking, drinking and abusing drugs. It’s no wonder that men die younger than women.

We’re here to change that and help you take action about your health and wellbeing.

We offer regulated treatment options for the most common male health concerns, and provide a team of specialised clinicians who can create a personalised treatment plan that is right for you. All completed online, in a matter of minutes.

No more excuses, just solutions.

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“Thanks for being so diligent about the prescription. It's good to know that you're taking care of people and not prescribing all sorts to all sorts.”

Elwyn J.

“They gave me lots of other useful info about what could be the cause of the problem and ways I could help improve my health to reduce or even eliminate [the problem] and the need for further treatment.”

Andy B.

“Great customer service; these people give you all the ins & outs when it comes to using their products (very transparent). I'd happily use again!”

Frank M.

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