Testosterone optimisation: blood test kit


Know your levels

Your testosterone levels can impact your libido, sexual performance, muscular strength, energy, mood and memory, so regularly checking them can make all the difference.

Check your testosterone levels

Do something about it

Our three-pronged attack allows you to regularly track and naturally support your testosterone levels.

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Track with blood tests

Take a simple, finger-prick blood test from the comfort of your own home and track your results in the Numan app.

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Support with supplements

Our bespoke Testosterone Support supplement is formulated in the UK with 11 premium, handpicked ingredients.

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Boost with knowledge

Expert support, advice, and clinically-reviewed content helps you raise your testosterone levels naturally.

Master the basics

Our Head of Medical, Dr Luke Pratsides, tells you what you need to know about testosterone.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone that’s vital for men’s health. Produced in the testes, the hormone supports key male functions including sex drive, ability to get and maintain erections, fertility, muscle mass and mood.

Why is testosterone important?

Optimal levels of testosterone are different for each man but to ensure healthy bodily functions, you must have a certain level of the hormone. Lower levels of the hormone can, in some cases, impact libido, sexual function, energy and mood.

1 in 4 men over the age of 30

have low testosterone levels*

*Araujo, Andre B., et al. "Prevalence of symptomatic androgen deficiency in men." The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 92.11 (2007): 4241-4247.

Start with insights

The Testosterone Blood Test measures four key biomarkers to give you an accurate testosterone reading.


Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)

Free Testosterone

Meet our team

We're experts in men's health. We've treated more than 400,000 men for a variety of health issues over the last five years. We are regulated by the CQC, GPhC and MHRA. All our clinical staff are based in the UK and are GMC, GPhC or NMC registered.

Dr Janine David

Dr Janine David

Testosterone Expert


Dr Luke

Dr Luke Pratsides

Head of Medical


Prof Sam Shah

Prof Sam Shah

Chief Medical Strategy Officer


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