Terms and Conditions

1. About these Terms & Conditions

1.1. Throughout this document, we will refer to our platform as our “Site”.

1.2. Please read our terms and conditions carefully: they explain the agreement between yourself and Vir Health when you use and order from our Site. Please don’t use our service until you are completely happy with them. We’re at your disposal if you need any help or have any questions regarding our service. Simply drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 0808 169 9594.

2. About us

2.1. We are Vir Health Limited -a digital platform that helps adult men in the UK get the help they need with issues affecting their self-esteem, confidence and lifestyle. Our first offering revolves around the issues of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Hair Loss. We work with best-in-class medical practitioners, dispensing pharmacies, sexual health experts and engineers to deliver the utmost best experience.

2.2. We trade under the name Numan (“we”/”us”), and are registered in England and Wales under company number 11449267. Our registered office is located at 4-6 Canfield Place, London NW63BT but you can find our team working a stone throw away from busy Harley Street at 411-413 Oxford Street, London, W1C2PF.

2.3. As a healthcare service, we have to comply with all sorts of regulations, including the Health and Social Care Act 2008, and the Medicine and Healthcare Regulation Agency (MHRA). Our prescribers are all registered with and regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), which means they comply with the Good Medical Practice Guidelines. Our partner pharmacy, which dispenses our medicines, is also registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), number (9011008).

3. Other applicable terms

3.1. You should familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy which also applies to your use of our Site and sets out the terms on which we handle the data we collect from you as well as the data you provide to us.

3.2. In purchasing anything from our Site (medicines or other products), you will need to refer to our Terms of Sale. Please note: The contract for sale of prescription medication is between you and our partner Pharmacy. The contract for sale of any non-medicinal products is between you and us.

4. Changes to these Terms

4.1. We sometimes come back to these terms to make changes and amends as our service or product offering develops. Please make sure to periodically check them for updates.

5. Access to our Site

5.1. You must be at least 18 years of age to use our Site and make any purchases.

5.2. In certain cases, we reserve the right to restrict access to certain parts of our site.

5.3. Your account information (login address, password, or any other piece of identifiable information) is strictly confidential and should not be shared with any third party. We reserve the right to disable your access to this site if we have reason to believe you have failed to comply with the provisions of these terms.

6. Our services

6.1. In order to start a purchase and/or receive medical treatment, you are required to register with our Site.

6.2. You select your ailment and treatment of choice.

6.3. You create an account on our Site, or log in, if you’ve already registered.

6.4. You will also be able to choose which recurrence you’d prefer for your treatment (subject to prescriber approval).

6.5. You agree to our Terms and Conditions and let us know if you’d like us to pass on the details and outcomes of your consultation questionnaire with your registered GP.

6.6. You supply us with payment and delivery options so as for us to supply you with your treatment option as soon as a prescriber has gone through your questionnaire.

6.7. You submit your order and commence the consultation questionnaire.

6.8. Whatever service you’re looking for, you’ll always be asked to fill in a consultation questionnaire if you’re looking to purchase medication.

6.9. Our online questionnaire is designed to act like a GP consultation would. In order to get you access to treatment, we need to know more details about your condition, any medication you may currently be using, potential allergies and anything else that can help our licensed prescribers to assess whether the treatment you’ve selected is the right one for you.

6.10. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you are effectively giving consent, and are bound to answer the questions in the consultation questionnaire truthfully.

6.11. We may require additional information (clinical, or for identity verification purposes) which you will be contacted via email about. We will not be able to process your order until you have answered all of our, or our prescribers’ questions.

6.12. We will send you an email to confirm that you have signed up and that your questionnaire is being carefully reviewed by our approved prescribers.

7. Dispensing Partner

7.1. Our dispensing partner is You Can Clinic (www.youcanclinic.com).

7.2. By choosing to use our Service, you also agree to having your prescription dispensed by You Can Clinic.

8. Delivery

8.1. If our prescribers deem your selected treatment is safe and the right one for you, payment will be taken and your order will be sent to our partner pharmacy for dispensing and delivery.

8.2. An email will then be sent to you confirming that your order has been cleared for dispatch.

8.3. We use Royal Mail next day delivery as our preferred shipping partner.

9. Pricing

9.1. The cost of your medical prescription will be given to you before you complete your consultation questionnaire, so you know exactly how much you’ll need to pay. Delivery charges (if any) will be clearly mentioned as well.

10. Payment

10.1. In order to proceed to payment, we will need a valid credit or debit card details.

10.2. You must be authorised to use these details and to authorise us, or our payment service provider, to take payment in full for the items you’ve ordered including delivery fees.

10.3. If your payment details have expired or are invalid in any way, we will try to contact you. If you are unable to give us the updated information, we reserve the right not to deliver your medicines to you.

10.4. You will only be charged when a prescriber has approved your prescription. If for any reason your prescription gets rejected, you will not be charged.

11. Subscription terms

11.1. Some products sold on Numan.com are only available on a subscription basis. This means that we will deliver these products to you on a recurring basis, for example every month, and charge your card accordingly. By purchasing a subscription product you authorise us to charge your payment card, on a recurring basis, for a specified amount at equal intervals.

11.2. Your subscription may not run for more than six months (so we will charge you the same amount six times, or three times, depending on the price and frequency you have chosen). At the end of the six month period your subscription will automatically expire. In the meantime, you may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us at [email protected] or by doing so via functionality we may implement on the website.

11.3. Once your subscription is canceled you have revoked payment authority to us - we will not charge your card any further or ship any products to you. Should your card expire (or fail for any other reason) and you do not provide updated payment details, we will automatically cancel your subscription. If products have already been shipped and your card charged, we will not be able to offer a refund.

11.4. We reserve the right to cancel your subscription, should you inform us that any of the conditions around your health have changed since your original prescription was issued, or if our clinical partners have determined that they should not ship your subscription products to you for clinical reasons.

11.5.Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time by logging into your Numan account and clicking on Cancel. Please note that for repeat orders on your prescription, you are rebilled 48h before that order is due to be dispatched. If you do not wish to receive a repeat on your prescription, you must cancel your subscription before you are rebilled for your repeat to ensure that you are not charged.

12. Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations

12.1. Your rights if you decide to end the contract with us will depend on what product you have bought, if there is anything wrong with it, how we are performing our obligations and at what point you decide to end the contract:

12.2. For safety reasons, we do not accept returns of prescription medicines.

12.3. Cancelling your order:

12.3.1. If you are cancelling your order because of the following reasons, we will be refunded for any product that you have not received. The reasons being:

12.3.2. A change in our terms which you have not agreed to.

12.3.3. An error in the price or product description on our site which changes your decision to purchase the product.

12.3.4. The delay of the supply of your chosen product due to events outside of our control (for example, delivery failures).

12.3.5. You can cancel your order for your medication up until the point where a member of our clinical team issues your prescription (i.e. before you have been charged).

12.3.6. In order to cancel your order, simply login to your account and select the Cancel button, and confirm.

12.3.7. With regard to repeat orders on your prescription, payment is taken 48h before your order is meant to be sent out. You need to cancel your subscription before you are rebilled for your repeat.

12.3.8. In the case that your medication has already been sent by our pharmacy, it remains at our discretion whether to refund you for your order or not.

12.4. Refunds:

12.4.1. If you are entitled to a refund, the price paid for the products including delivery costs, will be refunded to you by the same method that you used to pay. We may make some deductions from the price, as described below.

12.4.2. Refunds will be made once the matter is settled between our customer service team and yourself.

12.4.3. You should expect your refund to reach your bank account within 10 working days of it being issued.

13. Problems with the product:

13.1. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any problems or complaints regarding the products supplied.

13.2. We have a legal duty to supply products that are in conformity with this contract. Legally the products you receive must be as described, they must be fit for purpose and they must be of satisfactory quality.

14. Binding contract

14.1. When you submit an order to us, an email will be sent to you to confirm that we’ve received your request.

14.2. Your order will be binding once you receive the email informing you that your order has been approved. This is when our prescriber will issue the prescription and your treatment has been processed for dispatch.

14.3. Cancellation requests after this point of time might not be possible.

14.4. We reserve the right to reject any order, in which case we will refund you if applicable as per these Terms and Conditions.

15. Reliance on information on this Site

15.1. All of the content on our Site is to be considered general information and not intended to amount to medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, you should contact a doctor or clinician and refrain from taking any action regarding your health based on the content of this Site.

15.2. In the event of a medical emergency, call a doctor or 999 immediately. This website does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, doctors, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Site. Reliance on any information provided by this website is solely at your own risk.

15.3. The Site may contain health- or medical-related materials or discussions regarding sexually explicit disease states. If you find these materials offensive, you may not want to use our Site. The Site and its Content are provided on an "as is" basis.

15.4. All product information is for educational purposes and we make no assurances or guarantees as to its completeness, accuracy –or whether it is up to date.

16. Your commitment to us

16.1. Numan is an online service, which means most of the time we will be communicating with you electronically or by phone. We care about you and your health, so we trust that you will be completely truthful and honest with us to enable our prescribers to provide you with our service in line with the best medical practice and for your safety.

16.2. It’s your responsibility to ensure that:

16.2.1. You answer the medical assessment truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t understand something in the questionnaire, please contact us and we’ll give you any information you need. If you have any further questions, we recommend you contact your GP.

16.2.2. The questionnaire should be completed by you, for you, unless you have permission to fill it in on someone’s behalf, in which case we need their express consent.

16.2.3. You do not register more than one account with Numan and be sure to give us your correct name, address, date of birth, email and telephone number. Failure to do so will result in your barring from the service.

16.2.4. You pass on information to your regular healthcare provider. Any advice on our Site does not replace that of your regular healthcare provider. You should always tell your regular healthcare provider about any treatment and medication we supply. We will give you the option of passing on your information to your GP during the questionnaire process.

16.3. For your security:

16.3.1. Always read all product packaging and labels carefully before use.

16.3.2. If you purchase medicine in advance, please always check the date on the box to make sure it’s not out of date.

16.3.3. Your course of treatment is based on your consultation and answers to our questionnaire. Please make sure that only you have access to your medicines.

17. Our responsibility to you

17.1. We cannot accept liability for any damages which result from:

17.1.1. your failure to provide (and continuously maintain) complete, truthful and accurate information in your patient record, as well as in answering our medical questionnaires and any other information you give us;

17.1.2. your failure to follow advice given on our Site, or to pass on relevant information to your regular healthcare provider.

18. Acceptable Use

18.1. By using our Site, you accept:

18.1.1. that our service does not replace your general healthcare provider.

18.1.2. to inform your general healthcare provider of any treatments you have been prescribed by us.

18.1.3. To answer all consultation questionnaires truthfully, honestly, and to the best of your ability.

18.1.4. That you are responsible for understanding any of the questions on the questionnaire and speak to your general health practitioner if you need help with any of them.

18.2. You accept to use our Site in a lawful way:

18.2.1. Agreeing not to harm or attempt to harm minors in any way

18.2.2. Not to knowingly transmit any data that can be harmful to our service (including, but not limited to: trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keyloggers, spyware, and adware).

19. Jurisdiction and applicable law

19.1. The English courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from, or related to, the Services we provide to you.

19.2. We reserve the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of these conditions in your country of residence or any other relevant country.

19.3. Our terms and conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation, including non-contractual disputes or claims, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

20. Entire agreement

20.1. These terms and conditions, our privacy and cookie notices, Site use policy and any document expressly referred to in this agreement constitutes the whole agreement between you and Numan.

20.2. This supersedes all previous discussions, correspondence, negotiations, previous arrangement, understanding or agreement between us relating to the use of our Site and the services made available on it.

21. Linking to our Site

21.1. We want to give everyone the tools to get the best healthcare so the more people that know about us, the better. If you do want to tell your friends or family about Numan, or link to our Site, please follow the guidelines below:

21.2. We’re proud of our reputation and will take whatever steps are necessary to protect it.

21.3. Please do not suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement by Numan, if none exists.

21.4. Please make sure you only include a link (not a frame) to the homepage of our Site. There are strict regulations on promoting medication, so you can only talk about ourselves as an online health platform. Please don’t mention specific medications.

21.5. If you’re unsure, please ask us before linking to our Site. We reserve the right to withdraw linking permission without notice if it doesn’t meet our guidelines.

22. Links on our Site

22.1. We sometimes link to other Sites and third party materials. These links are there for your information only and we have no control over their content. We can’t guarantee they are factually correct, nor can we accept any responsibility for any damage or loss you may suffer as a result of their use.

23. Intellectual property rights

23.1. Everything that you see on our Site is protected by copyright. Numan is either the owner or the licensee of the material published and of all the attached rights (intellectual property rights).

23.2. All such rights are reserved, which means use of our Site content is limited:

23.3. You can print off one copy, and download extracts of any page(s) of our Site for your personal reference only, but not for commercial reasons (for this, you’ll need a license from us or our licensors).

23.4. Please don’t modify the paper or digital copies of any materials you’ve printed off or downloaded in any way. You are unable to use illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences or any graphics without using the text that goes with them. Please always reference Numan or any other authors of materials on our Site.

23.5. If you are unable to meet these guidelines, we will ask you to stop using our Site immediately and to either return or destroy any copies you’ve made of our materials.

24. Warranties

24.1. As explained earlier, the Site may change, be updated or suspended. Therefore, we are unable to give you, and we exclude, all representations and warranties as to the accuracy and completeness of the information published on our Site. Nor can we guarantee that the material is up to data or that every service and product will be available at all times, or indeed that the Site itself will not be discontinued in the future.

24.2. We can’t be held liable and you will not be entitled to any type of compensation or other payment, if the Site is discontinued, if any content is inaccurate or any of our services are changed.

25. Our liability

25.1. To the extent permitted by law, we and third parties connected to us hereby expressly exclude any liability for any loss or damage of any nature, such as any business losses, whether direct, indirect or consequential, including (without limitation) loss of or damage to profits, income, revenue, use, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, commercial opportunities or goodwill incurred by any user in connection with our Site, or in connection with the use, inability to use, or results of the use of our Site and services, any Sites linked to it and any materials posted on it, whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable.

25.2. Nothing in these terms and conditions limits our liability for:

25.2.1. death or personal injury arising from our negligence;

25.2.2. fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter; or

25.2.3. any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

26. Viruses, hacking and other offences

26.1. Please, don’t misuse our Site by knowingly introducing viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material that is malicious or could harm our technology.

26.2. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to our Site, the server on which our Site is hosted, or any server, computer or database connected to it.

26.3. This is a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and we’ll have to report you to the relevant authority and disclose your identity. And of course, you’ll no longer be able to use our Site.

26.4. We can’t accept responsibility for any damage or loss suffered because of a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your device, programs, data or other proprietary material as a result of using our Site or downloading any material posted on it, or on any Site linked to it.

27. Making a complaint

27.1. We used an internal complaints procedure to make sure we handle all complaints in the best way possible. Our procedure has 7 steps: Categorise, Acknowledge, Investigate, Action, Respond, Report, Learn.

27.2. As part of this procedure, we’re committed to confirming that a relevant manager has received any complaint within 24 hours of it being made. We then investigate the events surrounding each complaint to get a full understanding of what has occurred.

27.3. After finishing an investigation into any complaint you’ve made, we’ll send you a written response where we confirm the actions we’ve taken to resolve your complaint, and we may also ask for further info where necessary.

27.4. Please note that how long an investigation takes will vary depending on the nature of the complaint and who’s involved, but we’ll give you regular updates as the investigation goes on.

27.5. During the initial stages of your investigation, we’ll give you contact information for the manager investigating your complaint so you can contact them if you need to.

27.6. After you investigation is completed and you’ve received a written response from us, we’ll also follow up internally with the people involved to make sure we learn and improve our processes to avoid the situation happening again.

27.7. We’ll also provide info on where you can get extra help if you’re not happy with the responses or solutions we provide.

27.8. To make a complaint, please email [email protected] with as much detail on the matter as you are able to provide. Please make sure to explicitly mention that this is a formal complaint.

28. Contact

28.1. If you have any requests, questions, concerns or feedback, we’re always happy to hear from our patients. You can email us at: [email protected].