Blood test instructions

Step-by-step instructions for taking an at-home sample.

Important details before you take your blood sample
Taking a blood test from home is relatively simple, but we’ve put together some instructions to prevent errors and ensure the process runs smoothly. Before you get started, either give this page a read or watch our blood test kit tutorial video.

Here's how you do it

Instructions for test kits with 1x Tasso+ device

What happens next?
At-home blood tests are an easy way of monitoring your health and preventing issues before they start. Simply follow these four steps:
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1. Take your sample

After you've collected your blood sample, post to our lab for free.

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2. Receive targeted advice

In a few days, you'll receive your blood test results with a broken down analysis that gives you actionable insights into your health.

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3. Treat your deficiencies

Optimise your lifestyle and address health concerns.

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4. Track your improvements

Use the app to stay on top of your health and keep track of key biomarkers.

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Clear health insights
In the Numan app, we'll break down your results to give you clear, actionable insights into your health. You'll also have access to expert content to help you achieve your health objectives.
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