Results or refund: The Guarantee

We want to help you counter hair loss with confidence.

We also vouch for the effectiveness of our treatments so strongly that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

The Numan Hair Loss Guarantee lets you take decisive action against hair loss with the assurance that you can get a full refund if a treatment isn’t right for you.

It applies to our Complete Hair Kit Pro, Complete Hair Kit, Hassle Free Hair Kit, Triple Action Spray, Extra Strength Foam, Extra Strength Spray, Finasteride and Regaine - allowing you to get the most out of an effective hair loss plan with total confidence.

How does the Numan Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Find out the steps you need to take to be eligible for the Numan Money-Back Guarantee.


On the day you start to use your hair loss treatment, take a picture of your hair before you apply your first dose/take your first tablet.

Please take photos using the five angles shown below.


Continue to take photos every 30 days during your treatment plan (using the same five angles). Make sure to maintain the same hairstyle every time you take your photos. Always use your treatment exactly as instructed (instructions are provided with your treatment). Keep all the pictures you take stored on your device to track your progress. Please do not send us any photos unless we ask for them to review your Guarantee claim.


If, after 180 days*, you believe that your treatment was not effective at stabilising and/or reversing your hair loss, you can request a refund under our Guarantee.

*180 days from the date your treatment was approved by one of our clinicians.


Please submit your refund request to our customer care team between 180 and 210 days after your treatment was first approved. We may ask you to upload the photos you took to our website or send them to us in an email.


If we agree that the treatment has not been effective at stabilising and/or reversing your hair loss, we’ll refund you within 30 days of notifying you. Your refund will return to you via the same method you used to pay for the treatment.