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The Book of Erections

Numan Book of Erections

Knowledge is, and always will be, power

Yes, it’s a cliché. But unlike ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’, this one is largely based on fact.

It’s always been our intention to share up-to-date scientific information in plain English. We want to champion thought-provoking debate and meaningful conversation on and around issues affecting men and those who know them, which is pretty much everyone.

The goal: to help men be more confident, make informed decisions on their health and improve their well-being as a result. If we can do that for at least one person, it’s a job well done. If it’s a significant number, then it’s a successful business too, which means we can carry on doing this — also a good thing.

We started to build up an information bank for ourselves, with a huge amount of information on erections and ED. One day it hit us, why were we keeping all this information internally and not letting it loose on the outside world... The solution? Write a book.

The Book of Erections is a detailed look at how your penis works when you're aroused, the causes of ED and how to take the first steps to having better sex. Read the full e-book right here.