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What's your weight loss personality?

By Luke Chapman | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides
whats your weight loss personality

You’ve got one. Everyone does. As much as you hate to admit it, you belong to a weight loss personality group. Embrace it. Accept your people and lean into it – this is your weight loss team. Together, you’ll smash your goals. 

Well, most of you will. Some weight loss teams have a negative impact on your goals and encourage you to commit bad habits. If that’s you, it’s time to switch teams. 

1. The structure seeker

A regimented workout plan. A calendar with meals for every day of the week. Recovery days. Cheat days. You have every aspect planned to meticulous detail and you thrive in structure. 

Of course, sometimes you don’t stick to the plan. Too many cheat days are sneaking in and you’ve skipped a couple of workouts. Sound familiar? 

This is where you need our Weight Loss Plan. Our expert health coaches inspire you to stay strong and go the distance. It works to your strengths with a structured plan but will also give you a kick in the right direction when motivation falls short. You’re perfect for it. 

2. The calorie counter

The key to losing weight is maintaining a calorie deficit. The best way to make sure you maintain a calorie deficit? Calorie counting. You already knew that, and you’ve mastered it. 

You check the packaging of every piece of food that you buy. Macros? You’ve got them tracked to the single digit. It requires a lot of preparation and organisation, but it’s worth it for the way you feel. Which is great.  

3. The intermittent faster

You follow the trends and it works for you. You make intermittent fasting your weapon against weight. You pride yourself on fasting until noon and have your meals prepped throughout the afternoon. Whether you go for a 20-hour or 16-hour fast, the weight falls off. 

As you know, fasting boosts your metabolism, which means you process food quicker. That’s the best part – you can still eat a regular amount of food. As long as it’s healthy, of course. 

4. The exercise nut

You care more about exercise than diets. You choose crunches over fasting. The gym over the kitchen. Why bother counting calories and ditching delicious food when you can burn it off anyway? 

Of course, you eat healthy when you can and keep to sensible portion sizes. But exercise is your jam. And you’re good at it. You can run long distances, lift heavy weights, and you outperform everyone at the boxing gym. You thrive in strenuous activity. 

5. The fad finder

You’ve tried them all. Keto. A complete body cleanse. Four-day fasts. They never last, do they? That’s because healthy living needs to be sustainable. Only adopt processes that you’d be willing to do for the rest of your life. 

Our Weight Loss Plan helps you implement small but powerful lifestyle changes. When you’re struggling, our health coaches will inspire you to move forward and thrive. They’re fighting your corner.

So ditch the short-term fads. It’s time to adopt a plan that works. 

6. The inertia man

Activity always evades you. You want to get into shape, but you never get round to it. Your life is shaped by inertia. Plans to eat healthy are scrapped after a week and your gym membership card is gathering dust. 

We’ll change that. 

Numan will tackle your weight with you. This time, you’ll get fitter, stronger, and healthier. Because we’re backing you throughout the entire journey. 

The numan take

We all have a team. Sometimes your team isn’t working out for you – you’re stuck in bad habits and you can’t escape your failed routine. This is when it’s time to change. Find a group that benefits you and begin your weight loss journey today. It’s time to take action.