Numan's Beard Growth Accessories Kit

Beard Growth Accessories Kit

(Beard grooming kit)

Keep your beard looking fresh and boost growth with the Beard Growth Accessories Kit. The Kit contains our Beard Roller and Activator Gel, which stimulate dormant follicles to encourage beard growth, as well as a specialised Beard Comb for styling on-the-go. Each Kit also comes with an alcohol-based Sanitiser to keep your Beard Roller sparkling clean.

Your treatment plan will depend on the outcome of your clinical consultation.

Price starts from

£28.00 / kit

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  • The beard roller and activator gel help to boost facial hair growth by stimulating hair follicles under the skin.

  • Create a beard grooming routine and sculpt a beard you can be proud of – with a comb to style on-the-go.

  • Consistent grooming can improve the overall appearance of beard hair and encourage further beard growth over time.