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Get accurate insights into your health with a home blood test. Each blood test kit comes with a free review from a UK clinician.

Prices start from:

£70.00 / kit

Prices start from £70.00 / kit

All blood samples are processed in a UKAS approved lab.

Results received 3-5 days after your sample reaches the lab.

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Our promise

If you’re new to Numan, here’s how we do things.


We’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission.


All our deliveries are free, discreet, and usually arrive within 24 hours.


Our team of clinicians and health experts can support you along every step of your treatment journey.

The big questions

What do blood tests show?

Blood tests give you a snapshot of what’s happening inside your body so you can make lifestyle choices that benefit your health and wellbeing. Our home blood tests measure a range of key health indicators (including your vitamin D levels and organ function) to help you understand your health on a deeper level.

Blood tests are also able to measure the levels of nutrients in your body. This is very useful, as your blood test results can indicate if you’re likely to benefit from taking supplements to support your overall health.

What’s the benefit of taking a home blood test?

Taking a home blood test makes it easier to track and manage your health from the comfort of home. Our tests also include a free review from a clinician who can help you understand your results and give you advice on how to optimise your health in the long term.

Home blood tests are versatile and can be used according to your needs. For example, the Erectile Dysfunction Test Kit is specially designed to test for health indicators linked to ED (such as low testosterone and high cholesterol). However, If you’d prefer a more general health check up, the At-Home Health MOT measures a wider range of biomarkers to give you a more complete overview of your health.

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Getting a health check-up from home is easier than ever. Take a look at our home blood tests to find the perfect test for you.

How a home blood test works

Collect a blood sample using the equipment provided in your blood test kit and post it to our partner laboratory for free.

Get your results in 3-5 days after your blood sample reaches the lab.

Receive expert feedback from a clinician based on the outcome of your blood test.

The home blood test journey

  1. Choose your preferred blood test kit and it’ll be swiftly and discreetly delivered to your door (usually within 24 hours).
  2. If the blood test you choose is a repeat blood test, we’ll send you a new one every few months so you can continue to track your health from home with ease.
  3. We also provide free support with every home blood test (if needed), and, if you order a repeat blood test with us, you’ll have access to free support for as long as your blood test plan is active.
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“Routine blood tests are important for checking your overall health as well as monitoring certain aspects of it (e.g. your cholesterol levels). Nowadays, blood tests can be performed at home using a home blood test. These give accurate information about your nutrient levels and organ function so you can make informed decisions about how to manage your health.“

– Dr. Luke Pratsides, Lead GP at Numan

How Numan works

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Free online consultation

Free online consultation

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Continuous care

Continuous care

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Free 24-hour delivery

Free 24-hour delivery

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Cancel anytime

Cancel anytime

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Home blood tests: what to expect

Straightforward answers to frequently asked questions.