(Generic Viagra)

Sildenafil contains the same active ingredient as Viagra, but comes at a lower price since you aren't paying for the brand name. It works by establishing a reliable blood flow to the penis, ensuring a strong erection, when you need one.

  • Takes effect in 1 hour
  • Lasts up to 4 hours
  • Prices start from £23.00 a month
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How it works

After a brief online consultation, where you will answer a few questions about your medical history, one of our regulated clinicians will assess whether sildenafil is right for you. Once approved, the treatment will be delivered to your door for free, usually the next working day. It comes in discreet packaging and fits easily through your letterbox.

Sildenafil will start working one hour after you have taken a tablet, and the effects will last for four hours. This doesn’t mean a four-hour-long erection. The benefits only become evident when you’re sexually aroused or stimulated. Foreplay is, and always will be, your friend.

Once you’re aroused, sildenafil helps the blood vessels to your penis stay relaxed and open, allowing for increased blood flow. This means a harder and longer-lasting erection, exactly when you need it.

Sildenafil: The facts you need to know

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