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Treating ED with Numan: Andrew's story

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Dr Nimlan Shanmugathas

Dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) can make intimacy feel like a chore. Andrew, 39, who works with The Guinness Partnership to rehouse the homeless, sought help from Numan to treat ED. He shared his experience with us.

Can you tell us your background and your initial experience with ED?

A few things were going on in my past marriage and sex became a problem. On the occasions that I didn't perform, it was so disheartening. Lots of thoughts were going through my mind when sex was on the table. I spoke about it with my counsellor who suggested I try getting a bit of help by getting medical advice. But it was never something I wanted to do and it felt like admitting defeat. But when I talked about it and put it out in the open, it felt like all bets were off and a weight was off my shoulders. 

How was your first experience with Numan?

As soon as I went through the questionnaire with Numan, I realised I didn’t have anything to worry about. It wasn’t invasive. There’s no stigma attached to the questions. Numan is brilliant as there are so many different options to choose from. It felt tailored to me. I tried a few different plans and found that a daily treatment suited me best. Whenever love is in the air, I’m ready. 

Do you take the treatment every day?

Starting treatment has improved my sex life even when I’m not taking it. I don’t have to rely on it completely now. When I went away for two weeks I didn’t want to take my treatment with me but I was still able to have sex. I’m very happy about it. 

When I’m taking it, I’m at 90% of where I want to be in the bedroom department. But when I’m not taking it, I’m still at 60 to 70%. Before I started treating it, I wouldn’t even say I was at 10%. 

Would you say the discreet nature of Numan was a big factor?

Going into the pharmacy and asking that dreaded question is tough. Some of them don’t know what the treatment is initially and then you have to ask the question quietly. I felt like I had to look around to make sure nobody else was there so I could say: “I’ve got erectile dysfunction”. It’s a tough thing to say in front of the world and admit. That's why Numan is ideal. Everything is discreet, including the box. 

Do you find ED hard to discuss?

It does have a stigma attached to it. Back in the day, people used to laugh about having to use treatment to have sex. But when you get over that first hurdle and you know that other people are affected, it puts it into perspective. They might have been sniggering but then going home and having an issue. It doesn't hurt to look at available treatments. If you don’t like it, you can cancel the subscription. Some people think if they’re in it, they’re in it forever. 

Looking back since you started, is there anything important you’ve learned since starting treatment?

Don’t just think the first treatment plan is it. An alternative method might work better and it might be something you’d never thought of. The treatment I tried at first didn’t suit me. I had to think of safe thoughts when taking it as I felt a bit too ready. It was something I had to go through to realise what was right for me. Not everyone is the same.

Has Numan helped you with your confidence and relationships in general?

Yeah, massively. I’m feeling positive again. The way the treatment works where I’m ready at any time works so well for me. It doesn’t matter if I take it and then my partner isn’t in the mood. I just know that I’ll be ready if the moment arrives. I don’t have to work myself up for it only to fall off the mountaintop like before. It’s put the fun back into sex.