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Introducing our new environmentally-friendly packaging

By The Numan Team

As Numan evolves and grows, we are refining our operations to make sure they are the best they can be. Since we launched in early 2019, we have gone through several packaging iterations, but our focus has always been on discretion, functionality, and design.

It’s pivotal for us that our packaging arrives safely, is discreet, and is easily posted through letterboxes (where possible). We set ourselves apart from high street pharmacies by delivering treatment straight to our member’s door – so how the packaging looks, feels, and travels is really important to us.  

Our members’ feedback is invaluable, and we take onboard every review, email and comment (good and bad), using the insights to help us improve. After analysing customer reviews specifically mentioning our packaging, we learned a few things:

  • Our members appreciate how discreet our packaging is: “Arrived speedily in discreet packaging that was easily popped into the letterbox. No signing for.”
  • The design and style of our packaging is important to our members: “The actual Numan packaging is smart and doesn't look out of place on the bedside table”.
  • Some social media followers are concerned about the amount of packaging used: “Looks like a lot of packaging for a small pill”. 

We then took the good and the bad as key starting points for our re-design. 

Earlier this year, during the first UK-wide lockdown, we founded Numan’s Social Responsibility Committee. One of the first initiatives the committee decided to tackle was the environmental impact of our packaging. After much research and many conversations with different suppliers, we decided to streamline the amount of packaging to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. In turn, we halved the amount of cardboard used to package each delivery, and also chose a more eco-friendly, fully recyclable material to craft our boxes from.

At Numan, we offer treatment plans for health conditions that are often stigmatised, so discretion will always be a priority for us; we want our members to feel confident that they won’t have to worry about awkward conversations with their neighbours. We took what worked in our previous packaging design, and built the new design with a completely plain, cardboard outer box. What looks like an entirely nondescript cardboard postage box then opens up to reveal the Numan branding and patient information concealed within.

Lastly, we wanted to future-proof our instruction leaflets by adding a QR code onto each of our packaging boxes. Doing this has enabled us to cut down on even more paper wastage, and allows us to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest information via our online database. 

We’re really proud of what we’ve created – and we can’t wait for our members to receive our new packaging – now more eco-friendly, discreet, and future-proof.