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Numan's latest round of funding

By The Numan Team

Funding rounds are useful checkpoints in a company’s history and offer a good time to reflect and look forward. Today, we announce the completion of our £10M Series A round, with a group of world-class investors including Novator, Anthemis Exponential, Vostok New Ventures, and Colle Capital. The funding is recognition of the team’s work so far, but more importantly, it’s the fuel that helps us accelerate our journey to becoming a holistic health partner for men. 

We started Numan in 2018 with a mission to help men help themselves get healthier. 

Statistics around men’s health make for some grim reading: men die, on average, 4.4 years earlier than women; up to 40% of men only go to the doctor when they have a serious health concern, and suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under the age of 50. 

Looking beyond men, and at the entire population, we’ve made great strides in extending longevity, but it doesn't seem that we’ve increased healthspan at the same rate. In other words: it’s likely that we will spend more years in ill health. 

We believe that people want to be healthier and that they accept responsibility for acting to improve their health and wellbeing. We’re here to help where we can, with technology playing a key role in making healthcare more accessible, more affordable, and more actionable. 

Numan launched in February 2019 offering solutions around erectile dysfunction and hair loss. Both of these conditions deeply affect men’s self-esteem, and in the case of ED, can point to several other health areas that could be at risk. They are also areas where digital health solutions are safe to build. 

Starting “simple” allowed us to quickly build relationships with thousands of men across the UK. In the 18 short months after launch, we expanded into premature ejaculation and smoking cessation, alongside a comprehensive suite of diagnostic blood tests, doctor consultations, and a range of personalised supplements. 

We also published countless articles on men’s health and wellbeing, wrote a Book of Erections, collected more than 5 million individual, health data points around our patients, worked with the latest British boxing light-heavyweight champion on a series of content on how to stay healthy, and received 3,445 TrustPilot reviews, rating Numan as “excellent”. 

All of that happened with an incredibly talented team of 30, spread across 4 countries, who have worked tirelessly to get us this far. Today is again Day 1 for us, as we continue to build and serve our patients whose trust in Numan is what makes everything possible. We want to thank you and hope we can continue earning your trust as we continue to grow. 

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