Overcome premature ejaculation


Delay Spray

(Premature ejaculation treatment)

Delay Spray is a tailored topical treatment to treat premature ejaculation. It works as a mild anaesthetic, helping to reduce sensitivity without diminishing pleasure. Just a few sprays are all that is needed to help you regain control over when you ejaculate and last longer during sex.

Takes effect in

5-10 minutes

Lasts up to

1-3 hours

Price starts from

£28.00 / bottle

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Delay Spray: the science

  • The active ingredient in Delay Spray is lidocaine. When applied to the skin, lidocaine works as a local anaesthetic.

  • Applying the desensitizing spray to the penis causes a very mild numbing effect.

  • Reducing sensitivity, men can have longer-lasting sex. As the sensation is mild, sexual pleasure is not compromised.

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