Delay wipes

(Single-use wipes for longer-lasting sex)

Delay wipes are a fast-acting solution to premature ejaculation. Small enough to fit discreetly in your wallet or pocket, they are always on-hand when you need them most. Simply wipe one or more on the penis before you have sex to reduce overstimulation and improve endurance - without compromising your pleasure.

  • Takes effect in 10 seconds
  • Lasts up to 30 minutes
  • Prices start from £15.00 a month
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How it works

After placing an order, the Delay Wipes will be delivered to your door for free, usually the next working day. They come in discreet packaging and fit easily through the letterbox.

Each delay wipe comes individually wrapped. Once a wipe is applied, the key ingredient (Laureth-9) acts as a mild topical anesthetic to slightly reduce the sensitivity of your penis. This should start to work seconds after you apply the wipe and the effects should last for around 30 minutes. During this time, you should have increased endurance during sex and more control over when you ejaculate.

The Delay Wipes are dermatologically tested and use of Laureth-9 in the wipes is fully compliant with EU cosmetic regulations.

Delay Wipes: the facts you need to know

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