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Sunshine in my pocket: introducing Vitamin D Boost

numan vitamin d boost

Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D plays a crucial part in our overall health and wellbeing. Not only does it help to support your immune system, but it also promotes normal muscle and bone health. But getting enough vitamin D is easier said than done. In the UK, about 1 in 5 people have low vitamin D levels. This is because there isn’t enough sunlight in the UK for much of the year, especially between the months of September and March. 

Low vitamin D levels can lead to bone weakening, muscle pain, and a sub-optimal immune system - so it’s important to get enough vitamin D throughout the year to maintain these key aspects of your health. 

So, what can you do to support healthy Vitamin D levels all year round, even when there’s minimal sunlight? One of the easiest ways to do this is to take a vitamin D supplement - and that’s specifically why we have introduced Vitamin D Boost for our Numan members.  

What is Vitamin D Boost?

Vitamin D Boost is an oral spray that delivers your daily dose of vitamin D in one go. Just spray it once on the inside of your cheek, and the vitamin D-packed droplets are absorbed straight into your bloodstream via the soft tissue in the cheek. 

Whereas traditional vitamin D pills must first pass through the digestive system before they’re absorbed (which can result in some of the nutrients being lost), Vitamin D Boost enters the bloodstream directly - allowing the vitamin D to be absorbed quickly and efficiently. Each spray delivers a tasty, peppermint flavoured mist containing 1000IU vitamin D, which is ideal for supporting your immune system, bone health, and muscle function. 

Who should take a vitamin D supplement?

Public Health England recommends that everyone considers taking a daily 400IU (10mg) vitamin D supplement in autumn and winter, because there tends to be less sunlight during these months.

They also advise that those who are at greater risk of having low vitamin D consider taking a vitamin D supplement all year round. These people include:

  • Those who spend a lot of time indoors.

  • Older people.

  • Those with darker skin.

  • Those who cover their skin when outside.

A single spray of Vitamin D Boost contains enough vitamin D to meet Public Health England’s daily recommendations. 

Is Vitamin D spray as good as vitamin D pills?

Many vitamin D pills contain vitamin D3, which is the same active ingredient we use in our Vitamin D Boost. Therefore, the vitamin D3 used in Vitamin D Boost will work just as well as the vitamin D3 you’re likely to find in a pill. 

Is it safe to use a vitamin D supplement every day?   

For most people, vitamin D is perfectly safe to use as a daily supplement. Vitamin D toxicity is very rare and only occurs if you take too much vitamin D. One spray of Vitamin D Boost contains 1,000IU vitamin D, which means it’s highly unlikely to cause vitamin D toxicity if taken correctly (the daily upper limit for vitamin D supplementation is 4,000IU).

The numan take

Vitamin D is essential for the maintenance of the immune system, muscle function, and bone health. Public Health England guidelines suggest everyone considers taking a daily 400IU (10mg) vitamin D supplement in autumn and winter, and that “at risk” groups take a vitamin D supplement all year round. People who are at risk of low vitamin D levels include those who spend a lot of time indoors, older people, people with darker skin, and those who cover their skin when outside. You can maintain healthy vitamin D levels all year round with Vitamin D Boost