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Evaluating the effectiveness of Numan's Weight Loss Programme: a 90-day review

Drives an average of 21% body weight reduction*

At Numan, we've always believed in a holistic approach to weight loss, combining medical treatments with behavioural changes and lifestyle support - and now, it's official. Our comprehensive 90-day retrospective study highlights just how effective this strategy can be.

Study overview

Our study evaluated 3,200 patients who were treated with GLP-1s and dual GLP-1 and GIP agonists, alongside support from health coaches via the interactive Numan app. The results highlight significant differences in weight loss based on the level of engagement with our programme.

Key findings after 90 days 

  • Effectiveness of combined approach: Numan patients who engage with the behavioural coaching programme* via the app while taking medication lose 36% more weight than those who just take the medication alone. Engagement with coaches is measured by patients receiving at least 10 targeted messages within the first three months.

  • Enhanced weight loss with the app: Even for those who didn’t participate in personalised coaching, simply using the Numan app alongside weight loss medications is linked to a 24% greater weight loss compared to users who do not use the app. Using the app refers to activities like tracking weight, logging medication, and reading articles. This is measured by patients logging more than 30 such activities within their first 3 months.

Weight loss comparison on the Numan programme (after 90 days):

Medication + behavioural coaching +app: 8.0% body weight loss at 3 months (n=359)

Medication + app: 7.3% body weight loss at 3 months (n= 2182)

Medication only: 5.9% body weight loss at 3 months (n=659)

Clinical trial using semaglutide: 6% body weight loss at 3 months 

Numan’s complete approach to weight loss

Numan’s Weight Loss Programme is designed to provide comprehensive support beyond the medication. Here’s how our health coaches and app can help you go further on your weight loss journey. 

Health coaches

Numan’s health coaches specialise in behavioural change, offering personalised guidance on exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindset. They help patients transform their habits and achieve sustainable weight loss. The results from our study highlight the value of consistent, tailored support.

The Numan app

The Numan app enhances this support by providing progress tracking, seamless communication with your health coach, expert articles, medication reminders, and real-time chats with clinicians. Users who logged more than 30 app events within their first three months experienced superior weight loss results compared to those with lower app usage. 

This combination of professional guidance and digital tools creates a care support system that significantly improves weight loss outcomes and overall health.

The numan take

There have been amazing breakthroughs in weight loss medications, but they are not the complete solution. Our study shows that combining these medications with lifestyle support and behavioural change leads to significantly better outcomes, proving much more effective than medication alone.


The analysis included 3,200 patients who logged their weight using Numan's mobile app, web platform, or clinical reports.  Patients were evaluated for weight loss (percentage of initial body weight) after being on the programme for at least 90 days, without a treatment gap exceeding 45 days.

Coached patients: Received 10 or more coaching-specific messages within their first three months.

High-intensity app users: Logged 30 or more app events within their first three months.


A Kruskal-Wallis test was performed to determine significant differences between the three groups, yielding H-statistic = 77.19, p-value < 0.001, df = 2. With a critical value of 5.991 for 2 degrees of freedom at a 0.05 significance level, the larger H-statistic indicated statistically significant differences.

Analysis reviewed by: 

Dr Paul Sacher (PhD), Clinician Scientist in Applied AI, Behaviour Change and Weight Management.

Dr Bryony Henderson (MBBS BSc), Medical Director at Numan.