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Wegovy timeline: what to expect

By Nick Harland | Medically reviewed by Dr Nimlan Shanmugathas
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Wegovy is a weight loss medication that works by suppressing your appetite and making you feel fuller for longer. The active ingredient in Wegovy is semaglutide, which works on your body’s GLP-1 receptors.

But what can you expect if you’re prescribed the medication? We’ve broken down the dose and estimated weight loss every month.

Wegovy timeline

In the first month of your Wegovy treatment you should start to notice changes in your appetite. You’ll feel fuller for longer and generally have fewer hunger pangs throughout the day. Alongside this you should be starting to incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle, such as eating a more balanced diet and leading a more active lifestyle.

Over the next few months you should start to see gradual weight loss as a result of the medication and your lifestyle changes. By the end of month two Wegovy patients should lose around 4% body weight, 6% after the third month, and 8% after the fourth month.

By the 18-month mark you can expect weight loss of around 15% of your starting body weight. You should be able to better regulate your appetite and be following a lifestyle of healthy eating and plenty of physical activity.

Here’s a monthly breakdown of what to expect from Wegovy. Note that the expected weight loss and dose every month is based on trial data, and your results may be different.

Depending on certain factors, your clinician may keep you on the 1mg Wegovy dose for longer than one month.

Month 1

Dose: 0.25mg

Month 2

Dose: 0.5mg | Expected weight loss: 4% body weight*

Month 3

Dose: 1mg | Expected weight loss: 6% body weight*

If your dose is increased beyond 1mg:

Month 4

Dose: 1.7mg | Expected weight loss: 8% body weight*

Month 5

Dose: 2.4mg | Expected weight loss: 10% body weight*

Month 6 onwards

Dose: 2.4mg | Expected weight loss after 17 months: 15% body weight*

*Based on semaglutide over 68 weeks. Wilding, John PH, et al. "Once-weekly semaglutide in adults with overweight or obesity." New England Journal of Medicine (2021).

The numan take

The first few months of your Wegovy treatment are a chance to get used to the treatment and start incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle. Wegovy patients tend to lose around 4% body weight after two months, 6% after three months, and 8% after four months. After 17 months you can expect to lose around 15% of your starting body weight. However, this kind of weight loss is only sustainable if you’re following a balanced diet, leading an active lifestyle, effectively managing your stress levels, and getting good quality sleep.