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6 psychological tricks to help you lose weight

By Luke Chapman | Medically reviewed by Lauren Sien
6 psychological tricks to help you lose weight

The lost pounds may show on your face, hips or stomach, but the weight loss battle is won in the mind. You need willpower and determination to achieve your weight loss goals.

But, even the most ardent mental strength sometimes wavers. It’s tempting to stay in bed instead of the gym or order a takeaway instead of rustling up a salad. In these moments, adopt our psychological tips to stay in control of your weight.

1. Motivational pep talks in the mirror

We know, it’s cringe. But we don’t care. Would you rather see someone silent and overweight in the mirror or the healthier, fitter version of you giving a (slightly embarrassing) pep talk? The answer is obvious. Start practising your speech and get at it. You’ll be amazed at the impact positive reinforcement has on your weight loss journey. 

2. Train with other people losing weight

Joining group sessions with others trying to lose weight makes you 58% more likely to hit your goals. That’s a huge difference. 

Positivity breeds positivity, so being in a motivational environment keeps you in the right frame of mind on your weight loss journey. Find your weight loss team and succeed together. 

3. Prioritise sleep

Good sleep unlocks healthy eating patterns. If you only get a few hours of sleep instead of the full eight hours, you may be more likely to experience cravings. Give yourself the best chance of weight loss by getting a full night’s rest.

If you’re struggling to get some shut-eye, our Sleep Deep supplement promotes a state of relaxation when your head hits the pillow. Take it to transform sleep into your weapon against weight. 

4. Celebrate the small wins

The weight loss journey is formed by small wins. Celebrate them. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Every time you hit your weekly goal or smash through your monthly target, remind yourself - you did that. You’re the one making all the progress. 

5. Visualise how you want to look

Picture your dream body. Really imagine what it would feel like. Think about the confidence you’d gain, how much fitter you’d feel, and how much healthier you would be. The journey towards that starts today. 

6. Keep a journal

Journaling is proven to help you achieve your goals. Detailing the positives, the challenges you’ve faced, and how you felt whilst facing them can help you further on in your journey. 

You can also use the journal for more practical reasons. Note down what triggers cravings or track your meals and see where you can cut out some calories. 

If you need a hand getting started, our health coaches in the Weight Loss Plan help you with journaling your goals and meeting targets. Tangible evidence of progress can be pivotal for maintaining motivation throughout the journey.

The numan take

We know why you’re here - you’re struggling with weight loss and you’re looking for some help. Good choice. Now you need to take our advice. Embrace these psychological tips to set yourself free from the confines of weight gain. We’ve done our part, the rest is now up to you. Make it count.