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Blood test with Numan: Aaron’s story


Aaron (33), was keen to optimise his health but wasn’t sure where to start. After some research, he landed on Numan’s range of at-home blood tests. We spoke to him about how he got on. 

Why did you decide to take a blood test?

I always kept myself fit but never had the data and access to blood tests that Numan provides. Now I can make my decisions based on what I need to improve on. 

What interested you about the blood tests at Numan?

The scope and scale of the blood tests made me interested in finding out more. Originally it was to find out my testosterone levels and how that affects training and building muscle, but I was keen to learn more about other parts of my body.

How have the results shaped your choices about your health?

The results from Numan have given me a clear focus area on what I need to do to improve. This includes reducing my blood sugar levels, increasing my testosterone slightly, and improving my body fat composition. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in an at-home blood test?

I would 100% recommend Numan to anyone who wants to take their health seriously. The at-home blood test is simple to do and only takes a few days. You can learn a lot about your health from these tests. I would recommend a Numan  Blood Test because it gives you so many valuable biomarkers that you can improve on straight away.

What insights did you gain from your blood test results that you didn't expect?

I thought I had normal or even high testosterone but was shocked to see my results on the slightly lower end. However, I was pleased to see my vitamin levels and thyroid levels were healthy.

What specific health indicators were you most interested in tracking through the blood test, and why?

My blood sugar levels, as I’m concerned about how it’s going to affect me in the future. Diet, lifestyle, and exercise are key. I was also interested in seeing how to improve my testosterone levels to support my weight training. 

What happened after you got your results?

I was shocked at some results, so I started making lifestyle changes. I'm working on improving my diet and avoiding poor nutritional food choices.

Since your last experience, would you want to take another blood test?

Yes, I’ll look to do one every 3 months or so to see progress and improvements in my results.