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Defying the clock: outsmarting age-related health problems


Growing old comes with many positives. You have more money in the bank, you have time to practice your golf swing, and you don't have to pay full price for the bus.

But, it’s not all good news. Ageing can also come with a lot of health issues. 

Yet getting old doesn’t have to mean getting ill. Let’s get into some of the most common conditions, and steps you can take to prevent them.

1. High blood pressure

As your age goes up, so can your blood pressure. The prevalence of total hypertension increases with age, from 9% of adults aged 16 to 44 to 60% of adults aged 65 and over – but there’s no need to wait helplessly for the first warning signs of a heart attack. Get on the front foot and take good care of your heart from today.

That means getting plenty of exercise, aiming for a healthy weight, and eating a heart-healthy diet. Take these steps throughout your life and you’ll reap the benefits later on.

If you want to get into better shape but have found that diets can never last and your gym shoes just gather dust, join our weight loss plan. You’ll experience an effective and tailored programme that makes you lose weight for good. 

2. Diabetes

Nearly a third of people aged over 65 suffer from diabetes. That’s a huge number, and in many cases it can be avoided - type 2 is typically caused by a variety of lifestyle factors. Staying sedentary and being overweight are two of the primary causes of type 2 diabetes, especially if your fat is stored in the stomach.   

Once again, the best way to avoid diabetes is to maintain a healthy lifestyle: adopt a balanced diet, avoid excess amounts of sugar, and keep active. 

3. Arthritis

Unfortunately, there’s no set way to prevent arthritis. It impacts 60% of elderly people, either from wear-and-tear or through degenerative arthritis, and a further 10% also suffer from joint pain. 

Arthritis may be difficult to prevent, but there are some steps you can take to help avoid it. Stay in good shape and keep heavy weight off the joints when you’re younger to alleviate the risk when you age. It also helps to avoid smoking and excess weight

4. High cholesterol

High cholesterol affects all age groups, but the rate is highest among those aged 45 to 64 (72%). Whilst it can be inheritable, it’s usually caused by having too much of a fatty substance (cholesterol) in your blood. Basically, if you’re eating a lot of fatty foods, you’re more likely to have high cholesterol. 

The solution is simple – eat healthily and exercise regularly. If you feel you may have high cholesterol and want to regain control of your health, take a test. We have qualified clinicians that can help you get the best treatment.

5. Low testosterone

Your testosterone levels decline 1% each year after 40. That makes a huge difference to your muscle mass, libido, erections, and even your mood. It’s something you probably rarely consider, but it needs to be on your radar.

Instead of just accepting your fate, there are treatments that can boost your testosterone to healthy levels. Get tested and if your testosterone levels are low, take action. It can be the catalyst you need to feel like yourself again.

The numan take

Age-related health problems don't have to be a given. Elevate your baseline health and you’ll be able to fight off the effects of ageing.