Ingredients: 9 key nutrients including magnesium

Benefits: Supports optimal relaxation

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Relaxation Supplement

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A daily supplement to support balance and relaxation. It contains natural ingredients designed to improve your resistance to stress.

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Stress: the facts


Immune system response

Stress can suppress the immune system, which may increase the risk of illness and infection.


Physical symptoms

Although stress is a mental state, it can also have physical effects.


Sexual function

Stress can have a negative impact on sex drive (libido), which can contribute to erectile dysfunction in men.

What’s in Relaxation Supplement?

Vitamin C 160mg

Vitamin C has neuroprotective properties which may help the body cope better with stress.

Thiamine 2.2mg

Thiamine contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and normal psychological function.

Vitamin B6 1.4mg

Vitamin B6 aids in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and helps regulate hormonal activity.

Folic Acid 200μg

Works synergistically with other B vitamins to support normal psychological function / nervous system.

Magnesium 56.25mg

Magnesium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, which is important for relaxation.

Chromium 80μg

Chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar status can affect your mood and energy levels.

Ashwagandha Root Powder 250mg

Ashwagandha is recognised for its adaptogenic properties, helping to support relaxation and contribute to emotional balance during periods of mental and nervous tension. It is used to support general wellbeing and optimal relaxation.

Avena Sativa Powder 100mg

Commonly known as oats or oat straw, Avena Sativa has been used to help promote sleep.

Black Pepper Extract 10mg

Black pepper extract can enhance the bioavailability and effectiveness of other ingredients, such as ashwagandha.


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