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How to prevent overindulgence at Christmas

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Lauren Sien

If you have a diet on the January horizon, it’s tempting to gorge when the mince pies come calling. But the ‘last supper effect’ isn’t sustainable. Instead of going all or nothing, it’s important to find balance in your diet throughout the year.

Here are 5 tips to rein in your Christmas eating.

1. Embrace balance 

Indulging in your favourite festive treats is fine, but moderation is key. It’s tempting to eat a whole plate of mince pies, but a balanced approach allows you to enjoy seasonal flavours without going overboard. 

2. Enjoy every bite

Instead of gobbling it down, take your time to really taste the food. This way of eating helps you appreciate it more and can make even a small amount feel more filling.

3. ‘Festive’ foods aren’t just for Christmas

Turn the tables on the ‘last supper’ effect and reassure yourself you can enjoy good food at any time of the year. Instead of cutting out certain foods when you diet, limit your intake and enjoy them responsibly. That even means you can make mince pies in August. 

4. Shift the focus away from food

Christmas is about more than eating. It's about awkward family encounters, out-of-tune carol singers, and last-minute gifts. Let festive foods complement the good times - rather than overshadow them. 

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

One day of excess won't derail your health goals. Recognise it, learn from it, and move on. Giving yourself permission to enjoy the festive season is an essential part of a balanced approach. 

The numan take

Challenge the ‘last supper’ mindset. Adopt a balanced approach to festive eating and enjoy the season's flavours without the guilt.