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How quickly can you expect results with Mounjaro for weight loss?

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Dr Nimlan Shanmugathas

* The final values of -20.9 and -22.5 percentage change in body weight are attributed to the usage of different estimands in the same paper.

Recently approved by the MHRA for weight loss, Mounjaro (tirzepatide) represents a significant breakthrough in treatment for those overweight or obese. But a critical question arises: how quickly can you expect results? 

What does the study show?

This graph from a key study published in the New England Journal of Medicine presents the effectiveness of Mounjaro in promoting weight loss over a period of up to 72 weeks.

Let's take a closer look at the results.

Initial weeks: setting expectations

Healthy weight loss takes time. In the initial weeks after starting Mounjaro, results may be modest. The medication starts to work after the first dose, but the effects on weight loss won’t be immediate. The study outlines a gradual decrease in body weight over the first four weeks of tirzepatide use.

Short-term results: the first few months

The pace of weight loss picks up as treatment progresses. By week 12, the study by Jastreboff and colleagues shows a consistent downward trend in BMI, with an average reduction of about 8% of initial body weight by this point.

Mid-term results: the consolidation phase

At around week 24, when the percentage change of body weight has reached around 12-15%, the initial decline begins to even out to a steadier, more gradual rate. During this phase, tirzepatide’s effects are well-established when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. By the end of this period, patients are likely to have achieved a significant portion of their goals, setting a foundation for long-term weight loss. 

Long-term results: beyond six months

Between 24 to 72 weeks after starting the treatment, results level out, going from around a 12-15% to 16-22% change in body weight, depending on the dosage.

The trial concludes that individuals can achieve an average weight loss ranging from 15% to 22% of their initial body weight after 72 weeks when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. It found that tirzepatide "provided substantial and sustained reductions in body weight."

Factors influencing results

It’s crucial to acknowledge that every person is different and your results will be unique to you. Several factors influence how quickly and effectively you might lose weight with Mounjaro. These include baseline weight, adherence to the prescribed programme, dietary habits, and physical activity levels. Personal health conditions and metabolic rates also significantly influence the outcome. 

Mounjaro helps by reducing appetite and cravings, but adopting healthy lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and sleep is key to seeing the best results.

The numan take

Clinical trials suggest that Mounjaro is an effective treatment for supporting weight loss. But it’s important to remember that it'll only drive your goals when a healthy lifestyle accompanies it. Healthy weight loss also takes time and you’re more likely to sustain the changes if you lose weight gradually. Combine Mounjaro with lifestyle changes and patience for lasting success.