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Mike: challenges and triumphs with weight loss

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

Losing weight isn’t all about your mindset. No matter how hard you try, sometimes your biology lets you down.

Mike (33) started steps to regain his health but hit a roadblock. Exercising and dieting alone wasn’t enough. He spoke to us about how Numan’s plan and Rybelsus helped him cross the finish line.

What was your motivation to begin the programme? 

I always assumed I’d be on the chubby side as my entire life I’d struggled. That's when I found Numan's Weight Loss Programme. It's been a pretty remarkable success.  

Did you have any hesitations before you took Rybelsus?

No more than usual. There's always the standard anxiety around taking a new medication. I looked up the side effects and things like that. I looked at stories from other people who tried it. I didn't see anything that was a deal breaker. 

How would you describe your experience with the coach?

I found my health coach very useful. Sometimes it can just be as simple as keeping up motivation after having a bit of a setback. The support is crucial so you don't give up after having one bad week.

How long was it before you saw the results?

It was maybe about two weeks. I combined the programme with a step challenge in the run-up to Christmas. I was doing about 20,000-25,000 steps a day. I was able to keep my calorie count low because I wasn't in the house snacking. 

What habits have you kicked, and what new habits have you formed as a result of this change?

I always struggled with the urge to snack. The programme helped me refocus my mind. When I have a craving at night, I go for a walk. I can do something else other than eat. Rybelsus suppressing my appetite has helped me implement these habits.

What was the greatest challenge you faced in your weight loss journey?

I had a big problem stepping on the scale after I'd been good for a week or so. Seeing that it was either the same or had gone up slightly was hard. It was only after doing more reading into it that I realised this wasn’t the be-all and end-all. There’s so much misinformation to wade through. 

Also, if you're looking at yourself in the mirror every day you don't see the change. I started to notice real progress with before and after pictures - it really helps to show you how much weight you've lost.

Did your weight affect your relationships or health?

I always struggled and it impacted my confidence. But now I'm down to 73 kg. I used to weigh 133 kg so it’s been a massive change. I feel a lot more confident. I don't mind leaving the house to go for very long walks. I interact with people I see even if it’s just a simple hello. The old version of me wouldn’t have bothered. 

Other than the physical aspect, how has weight loss affected your life?

First things first, I don't feel out of breath standing up out of a chair. Although, I did have to start going shopping for new trousers! Going a size down nearly every six weeks was costly. But whenever you start having to shop for smaller clothes that shows it’s working. It keeps your spirits high.

Did you experience any side effects?

There was an initial period of stomach cramps but I got over it very quickly. It was only for a few days. It never really happened again.

Do you ever get cravings?

No, not really. Anyway, I know that if I want to have something I just have to factor it in. If I'm having a Chinese at the weekend with my family I would go for an extra long walk. I know that I have room to work with so I don’t have to beat myself up.  

Were there ever any moments when you thought about giving up? 

No, to be honest, there weren't any. When I first started, I had recently gone through a breakup. And the only thing that I could focus on was making this change. It was the only thing I put my mind to but I knew that motivation would always run out at some point. 

So I learnt ways to make it as attractive as possible. I trained myself to only watch shows when I was on the bike. So if I wanted to watch another episode, it had to be on the bike.  

When the weight starts falling off rapidly you start to see special benefits for what you're doing. It gives you even more of a motivational boost.