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5 signs of low testosterone

By Luke Chapman | Medically reviewed by Lauren Sien

Whenever you’re struggling with your sexual performance, mental health, or physical strength, you probably don’t consider low testosterone as the issue. That needs to change. Around 1 in 4 men have low testosterone, but it’s often misdiagnosed or left untreated. 

Our simple blood test helps you get checked out and find the solution. But first, consider these signs of low testosterone and if they apply to you.

1. Low libido

The catalyst behind a reduced sex drive can be hard to pinpoint. We often attribute low libido to tiredness, stress, or performance anxiety. Whilst these are common causes, start thinking about your testosterone. 

Low libido is typically the most common sign of low testosterone. That means if you’re finding yourself uninterested in sex, your testosterone levels may be the cause. This is particularly relevant for older men who used to have a high sex drive. Your testosterone levels decrease by about 1% a year from around the age of 30 to 40, which means you’re more likely to lose interest in sex.

Men over 30 with a recently decreased sex drive, this is your cue to get checked out.

2. Erectile dysfunction

A decreased sex drive coupled with erectile dysfunction could be low testosterone. Effectively, if you’re rarely in the mood for sex and struggle for erections, it may be time to check your testosterone levels. Especially if it’s affecting your mental health and relationship.

3. Inability to build muscle

You lift weights at the gym, eat lots of protein, and yet you still can’t seem to build any muscle. 

Sound familiar? 

Building muscle mass requires healthy levels of testosterone. You can do everything right in the gym and with your diet, but if you lack normal testosterone levels then you’ll find it more difficult to gain muscle. 

Start paying attention to your testosterone. When it’s at optimum level, gaining muscle becomes much easier.

4. Dampened mood

Feeling a bit down and groggy but you can’t work out why? It may be due to testosterone. 

Low testosterone levels have been linked to depression, poor memory, and lack of focus. These symptoms make it particularly difficult to focus on stressful situations. Give yourself the best chance of success and start considering your testosterone. It may be the simple solution you need to feel like yourself again. 

5. Inability to grow body hair and beard

Many men struggle to grow a thick, bushy beard, so don’t worry if you’re one of them. But if you can’t grow much body hair or a beard, it’s time to consider low testosterone. High levels of testosterone typically promote plenty of body hair, particularly armpit hair or pubic hair. 

Check these areas to see if they’re thinning. If they are, take action.

The numan take

Individual symptoms of low testosterone are easy to ignore, but you need to start taking notice. Consider whether you have one or more symptoms of low testosterone and what you’re going to do about it. The first step is getting a test. From there, you can think about ways to increase your testosterone and take back control of your body.