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Weight Loss Pen

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Unlimited access to personal nutritionists and exercise physiologists

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The results speak for themselves
I feel I can live a longer, happier life with less risk of cardiovascular issues. I've struggled with being overweight for many years, so the impact has been life-changing.
I discovered an old bag of clothes and couldn’t believe how many of them fit me where I would have had no chance before. I feel amazing. I think I look much better than I ever did.
"There’s been a huge change this year. I feel like a different person. In fact, I'm getting to a place where I probably look better than I did before. I see myself smiling more and I don't need somebody to tell me I’m pretty. I know I am."
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Over 500k people trust Numan
What made this experience great was the intelligence of the online questionnaire. It went beyond the mechanics of physical health and asked me how I felt. I felt supported immediately, just by the fact they had bothered to ask. Nice work and it is much appreciated.
Numan has been so great for me, always helpful and always there, they are really helping me with my weight loss journey, thank you.
I needed help and Numan provided it in a professional, caring and knowledgeable manner. I feel I can trust them to guide me on my weight loss journey and give me the tools to help me make it a success. Not just a company but professional individuals who are there to guide you.
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The progress you can expect


Take control of your weight

Take our online assessment, receive effective medication, and download the app to connect with clinicians and your personal coach.


Lose some unwanted weight

Take back control of your appetite, reframe your relationship with food, and experience increased energy, confidence, and stamina.


Maintain weight loss

Watch as your weight continues to drop while improving your cardiovascular and metabolic health, consequently reducing the risk of serious diseases.


Clinically-proven treatments and continuous support
Here’s what to expect from our three-part programme.

1. Game-changing medication, more effective than dieting & exercise alone

GLP-1 medication is a clinically proven treatment that results in an average 15% reduction in body weight.*


2. Dedicated clinical care

Unlimited access to our clinical team, who will monitor your progress, manage your medication, and answer any questions you might have. Chat to your clinical team directly through the app.


3. One-to-one behaviour change coaching through our app

Receive one-to-one advice from nutritionists, exercise, and behaviour change experts to sustain healthy habits that work for you. Your coach will keep you accountable, and cheer you on, judgement free. Chat to them directly through the app.

*15% weight loss is based on the average weight loss during research studies on the use of GLP-1 receptor agonists. Individual users may experience different degrees of weight loss.

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Effective solutions for weight loss
A programme to change your weight, mindset, and behaviour.
Weight Loss Pen
Drives an average of 15% body weight reduction*

From£229.00£159.00 / month

Weight Loss Programme + Alli
Reduces fat absorption

From£249.00 / month

*15% weight loss is based on the average weight loss during research studies on the use of GLP-1 receptor agonists. Individual users may experience different degrees of weight loss.


Your expert team
Specialists in weight loss, nutrition, and behavioural science.
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Get the most from the medication through the app
Connect with our clinicians, and your personal health coach. Monitor your progress, set reminders, and get personalised advice.

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