BLOOD TESTS ∙ 3 minutes read

10 tips to help you take a finger-prick blood test

By Emily Cameron

At-home blood tests are a simple, easy way of gaining insight into your health without any of the hassle of a visit to the doctor. At Numan, we offer blood tests that can identify if you have any underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, testing for diabetes, cholesterol and testosterone. We also offer a full health check with our Fear Nothing Blood Test that measures important biomarkers to give you an accurate insight into your health.

While for most, using an at-home finger-prick blood test is a simple activity, it can be more difficult for others. In order to help prevent any frustration you may feel, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help get the blood flowing and ensure you conduct the test safely and effectively. We've also put together a step-by-step video demonstrating the process.

1. Take a hot shower or bath

2. Hydrate – drink plenty of water beforehand

3. Stand upright, with your hand below your waist when you take the test

4. Try a little light exercise beforehand, focussing on the arms and hands

5. Wash your hands under hot water (40℃ is ideal), for at least 4 minutes

6. Try a different finger – our tests come with three lancets just in case

7. Massage the length of your finger in a milking motion when you collect the blood

8. Consider asking a friend to help you if you’re struggling

9. Try using the sides of your finger rather than the pad 

10. If all else fails, get in touch with us at [email protected]