Advanced weight loss medication

Game-changing medication that rewires your relationship with food and sets you up for success.

Eat well

Medication drives behavioural changes and makes healthy choices more achievable.

Build muscle

Dropping weight means you can refocus on training and building strength.

Rewire mindset

By reducing your appetite, medication keeps you focussed on your goals.

line graph showing larger decrease in weight-loss for GLP-1 compared to traditional methods

10% body weight loss over 56 weeks*

Ground-breaking medication that transforms your relationship with food

Scientifically proven GLP-1 medications are already an established treatment for type II diabetes. Following promising clinical trials that showed their effect on suppressing appetite, they’ve now been approved for weight loss when combined with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

  • Stay satisfied between meals
  • Prescribed and monitored by clinicians
  • Non-addictive treatment

*Based on liraglutide over 56-weeks, Xavier PS, et al. “A Randomized, Controlled Trial of 3.0 mg of Liraglutide in Weight Management”. New England Journal of Medicine (2015).

Start your journey

Scientifically proven, clinically prescribed

GLP-1 medications contain the active ingredient, semaglutide or liraglutide. By mimicking your naturally occurring GLP-1 hormones, they act on your gut and brain to make you feel full faster and for longer.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects from GLP-1 medications tend to be mild and short-lived while your body adjusts to the medication and dosage. Common side effects include an upset stomach for the first few weeks e.g. nausea, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, bloating, and belching. For more information on side effects see our safety information page for your specific medication. For a full list of side effects consult the manufacturer's patient information leaflet.

If you’re struggling with side effects at any point, our clinicians will be on hand to advise you on how to manage them until they pass. As with all medication, please read the leaflet for more information.

GLP-1 pulsing graphic
  • Feel full faster and for longer
  • Kick snacking so you can focus on healthy eating habits
  • Dampen your craving for dairy, savoury, sweet, and high-fat foods
graphic illustrating a declining path

Lose weight gradually - and keep it off for good

Healthy, sustainable change that’s made for the long run

Everyone’s different. That’s why it’s hard to predict the length of time it takes to achieve your desired results. The key is to be patient – weight loss is a gradual process.

That’s why our programme is holistic, focusing not only on your biology but also on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindset. If you focus on these behavioural pillars with your coach, you’ll give the medication an even better chance of working its magic.

Losing just 5% of your body weight significantly lowers your chance of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. But that’s not all. As your weight drops, you should notice improved sleep, stamina, and energy levels.

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