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Wegovy & weight loss: Kenny’s story

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Lauren Sien

Wegovy is now available on prescription in the UK.

With all the misinformation surrounding the treatment, it’s important to understand exactly what it is and how it works. We spoke to Kenny, who’s been taking Wegovy for a year, about his weight loss journey.

Kenny’s story:

Trying to lose weight has always been a problem but I needed a change as I was really unhappy. 

I was really lucky to get Wegovy on prescription. I got serious with my dieting and exercise. The first month I lost about 16 kg, and then it just started falling off. I started out weighing 181 kg and now I’m at 108 kg.

Wegovy helped me to regain control over my portion sizes. It also put a stop to my binge drinking. I don't drink anymore and I have no cravings for alcohol. All that's gone away. 

Before all of this, I had a girlfriend. Then I wasn't with anybody for about five and a half years. I was embarrassed by my weight and didn’t want to do anything. But now I’m going out every weekend and meeting people. I'm even getting into bodybuilding.

I'll never go back. This has been a complete transformation and it's changed my life.