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Rebecca: managing side effects and nutrition with Numan's health coaches

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Lauren Sien

Due to an irregular schedule and chronic fatigue syndrome, Rebecca (33) saw her weight spiral out of control. Determined to reclaim her health, she started Numan’s Weight Loss Programme. We spoke to her about her experience. 

Can you tell us about your background and what led you to start the Weight Loss Programme?

When I was working night shifts in care, I was at my heaviest. I had a complete lack of routine. I also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome which made it difficult to exercise. This year, I started a new job which brought stability, allowing me to start the Weight Loss Programme. I started with Numan in July 2023 at a starting weight of 132.7kg. I’ve since lost a total of 12.4kg which I’m really proud of.

What was your main motivation for starting the programme?

Just to lose weight and get healthy. It's always been a struggle. I never had any help with losing weight before from any sort of programme - I never got into it and couldn't make sense of it. But this has been really successful. And the success so far is pushing me to carry on. 

How did your weight impact your life in general?

I had trouble sleeping because I'd get aches and pains from being on my side. I would struggle to get up in the morning because there was so much weight. I felt like a beached whale. That affected my mental health and I got into a downward spiral. Small things became a challenge, like walking up the stairs at work. I never really felt confident going out wearing dresses or anything like that. 

Did you have any hesitations about starting the treatment?

I was a little bit worried about the injection but after getting to grips with the instructions I was fine with it. The pens are super easy and the instructions are great. 

How quickly did you start feeling and seeing the effects of the treatment?

I felt the effects quite soon after the first jab - within the hour I felt less hungry. Feeling the effects straight after was reassuring and having my Numan coach, Shahana, to talk things through was brilliant.


Can you share more about your experience with your coach?

Shahana has been enthusiastic, supportive, and genuinely invested in my journey. Our weekly check-ins and her guidance on managing side effects and optimising my nutrition have been crucial. She’s available for a phone call to clarify nutritional information whenever I need it. The app made it really easy to talk to her and clinicians - I can just send a message and then come back to a reply. 

How did Shahana help you manage the side effects?

Shahana provided practical remedies like ginger tea and hydration tips. The clinician also popped in to give a few extra tips. A few articles in the app also had some remedies which were handy. 

How has the programme influenced your habits and overall lifestyle?

I didn’t understand much about nutrition, especially how to fuel yourself for the gym. Shahana explained how you need carbohydrates to fuel your muscles, and then protein to repair them. And that protein makes you feel fuller for longer. It’s also not necessarily about counting calories, but it's the quality of those calories. 

Do you think you could have lost weight with just the medication?

It's definitely down to a combination of medication and coaching. I probably could have done okay on the medication but having a coach has helped me develop good habits and learn more about nutrition. Eventually, when I come off the medication, I'll only have those good habits to fall back on. 

Do you still get cravings?

I do, but with everything I've learned, I allow myself that little craving. If I want a chocolate biscuit, I'll have one. But I'm not going to binge a whole packet. ​​If I continue to deny that craving, I'm just going to get a load of food noise in my head and it's going to be a big binge. One biscuit isn’t going to ruin a whole week's worth of weight loss.

How has losing weight impacted your life?

I look at dresses or bikinis and think one day I can actually wear that. It's not a pipe dream. My self-confidence has really improved. I have fewer aches and pains as there’s less stress on my joints. Generally, I feel I can live a longer, happier life with less risk of cardiovascular issues. I've struggled with being overweight for many years, so the impact has been life-changing.