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Redefining obesity management with Dr Luke Pratsides

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

Here’s how Dr Luke Pratsides, Head of Medical at Numan, is leading the discussion on obesity management with a recent publication in the BMJ. 

A new perspective on obesity management

In his letter titled "Talking differently about obesity" Dr Pratsides proposes an integrated approach to addressing obesity that not only focuses on medical interventions but also addresses broader social and psychological factors.

Beyond diet and exercise

Underlining the complexity of obesity, Dr Pratsides points out that traditional methods focusing solely on diet and exercise often fall short. He draws attention to the promising role of weight management treatments like Wegovy and Mounjaro in lessening the burden on healthcare systems. However, he warns that these interventions alone are not the silver bullet for overcoming obesity.

Factors causing obesity 

Dr Pratsides highlights the challenges faced by individuals with obesity, including co-existing health and mental health conditions, socioeconomic barriers to accessing healthy food and exercise, and varying levels of health knowledge. He advocates for holistic treatment that not only incorporates medical intervention but also addresses the physical, mental, and social factors causing obesity.

Prevention is the best cure? 

A key recommendation is shifting the focus from treating obesity to preventing it. He mentions the importance of introducing weight loss medications earlier on to prevent future weight-related illnesses. This approach could revolutionise obesity management by prioritising prevention over treatment. 

The numan take 

Dr Pratsides’ contribution to the BMJ not only highlights the necessity of a multidimensional approach to obesity but also puts Numan at the forefront of innovative weight loss treatments.