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Weight loss with Wegovy: Andy’s story

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Lauren Sien

Andy, 55, started Numan's Weight Loss Programme and quickly began to experience long-lasting results. After using Ozempic initially, he switched to Wegovy on our recommendation.

Can you tell us about your background and what led you to start the Weight Loss Programme?

I’m a midwife from Preston. My weight was stable most of my life, but everything changed once I hit 40. It gradually increased despite trying multiple diets and exercise regimes. 

Last year, I hit 120kg, which was a wake-up call. My GP warned me about my borderline HbA1c levels which meant a high risk of type 2 diabetes. I tried all sorts but nothing worked. Wegovy was starting to become more known, so I started looking into how I could get it but it hadn’t been approved in the UK yet. 

How did your weight impact your life in general?

It was horrendous. I avoided photos, I felt horrible. At work, there's a yearly conference and I didn’t go because I was embarrassed by my weight. I’m also married and that was difficult. The last thing I wanted to do was get undressed. 

I was breathless and experienced back pain just walking to the end of the street. 

It was a vicious cycle. I had to lose weight before I could engage in more intense exercise. I’m also triggered by stress. In the last 4 or 5 years my work has been really stressful. I’d be eating and eating but I couldn't stop as it made me feel better. It was getting worse and worse. 

How quickly did you start feeling and seeing the effects of the treatment?

Results became evident after a few months. I adopted healthier habits, like walking to the supermarket and choosing stairs over lifts. These small changes, combined with the medication suppressing my appetite, created a positive loop that motivated me to continue. I’ve managed to lose about 30 kg in 11 months (December 2022 - November 2023) and am aiming for my ideal weight of 75-80 kg. Currently, I’m at 88 kg.

How was your experience with the coach at Numan?

That was something that attracted me to Numan. I saw other companies offering the medication but without support. That’s the problem - they send you the medication and that’s it. The app and my coach, Sophie, kept me accountable. I’ve got a certain amount of willpower but I needed someone to help me. Even just inputting my weight into the app kept me accountable. It was really helpful. 

How has losing weight impacted your life?

Before starting the programme, I was at high risk of type 2 diabetes. Now, my HbA1c has come right down and my risk has dropped dramatically. I’ve just got to continue the good habits to maintain that. I discovered an old bag of clothes and couldn’t believe how many of them fit me where I would have had no chance before. I feel amazing. I think I look much better than I ever did. 


Did you experience any side effects from the medication?

There were minor side effects, like occasional nausea, but staying hydrated helped with these issues. Overall, the side effects of the medication were manageable and didn’t deter me from my weight loss goals.

Are you confident about maintaining your weight post-medication?

I aim to lose an additional 10kg before stopping. I feel positive about it. I’m breaking the bad habits and bit by bit it’s getting easier. I want to make sure the habits I’ve learned stick. 

Were there ever moments of doubt?

No, never. Ozempic and then Wegovy really helped by taking away my hunger. My progress and the chance of type 2 diabetes kept me motivated. Now, near my ideal weight, I enjoy trying on old clothes, engaging in exercise, and taking photos again. People at work tell me I look brilliant. I know I‘ve done the right thing.