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Weight loss with Numan: Mark’s story

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Lauren Sien

Approaching 60, Mark (59) looked forward to a retirement of travel and new experiences. However, his health concerns and growing weight brought this dream into question. Determined to reclaim his health, he started our Weight Loss Programme. We spoke to him about his progress. 

Why did you start Numan’s Weight Loss Programme?

I had a bad run of health problems last year, including multiple infections and COVID. My joints are wearing out too so I had an operation on my knee. All of this was adding up and telling me I needed to get back into shape. My wife and I have worked hard all our lives - now it's time to think about retiring and I want to be in good shape to enjoy it. 

Can you give an overview of your experience since you started the programme?

It was amazing - I just didn't feel the same drive to eat. I started in May this year at 100kg and now (December) I weigh about 82kg. Originally I thought it would be fantastic to get down to 90kg. Then when I hit that mark, I wondered if I could get down to 87kg, then 85kg, and so on. It’s been very gratifying. Every couple of weeks, I see progress. 

At the start, it was much better not feeling breathless when I went down to put my shoes on. But now that I've lost more weight, I’ve realised how much I needed to lose the excess that I was carrying.


How long did it take for you to start seeing results?

It was within two weeks. Even in the first week, I lost just under a kilo. I thought: Maybe it’s just the first week. But I could feel it working. It was motivating from the outset but I was also conscious that just under a kilo a week was a sensible rate to lose weight. I’m not a fan of strict diets where people lose weight but then put it all back on. That's not the way to do it.

Have you tried any other weight loss treatments before Numan?

I tried all the usual things. I always tried hard for a few weeks but it never lasted. It was discouraging as I was hopeful it would work and I spent money on these things without any meaningful benefit. 

But I’m in a really good place right now. This is the only thing I've come across where I'm eating sensibly. I'm not hungry all the time. I'm not stress-eating. Everyone says I’m looking better, but also I feel so much better. It's a good combination. 

Have you kicked any bad habits?

I used to love a big tin of chocolates. After a meal, I’d enjoy a few of those but we don’t do that anymore. And instead of driving to the station, I walk for 10 minutes. All those little things help. I’m also going to the gym about three times a week. Exercise and diet have really come together. 

Did you use any of our other resources to help you?

There are great articles in the app. They’re well thought out, digestible, and easy to read when I have a moment to spare. The programme as a whole is clearly set out. The communication was phenomenal from customer service too. They get back to you with the right solutions and answers. Within 24 hours any problem was solved. It’s a great service from start to finish.

How has losing weight impacted your life?

I haven’t been this light since I was about 19 when I left school. I was in good shape then, and I'm nearly down to that same weight. I want to be in good shape to enjoy life. But be happy as I’m doing it, rather than miserable. And I think I’ve managed that with the programme.