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You've gained valuable insights. Now it's time to address deficiencies and take proactive steps to optimise your health.

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With a successful Numan Nutritional Health Blood Test under your belt, you're ready to take intentional and proactive steps towards a healthier life.

Nutritional health is a key contributor to your overall wellbeing. Adopting a nutritious and balanced diet, along with a healthy lifestyle, can support your energy levels, immunity and cognitive function.

For personalised recommendations and advice based on your results, book a phone consultation and speak with one of our GPs.

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Your health journey

Day one

Set your health targets

Your suboptimal results have been clearly marked. With our support, we'll help you improve those biomarkers in your next test.

1-6 months

Take action and build habits

Make small lifestyle changes and optimise your nutrition. Regular ongoing blood tests are key to staying on track.

6-12 months

Be healthier, feel better

Using the app, track changes in each of your biomarkers over time and make targeted changes to enhance your health.

Advanced, daily supplementation
Support your nutritional health with high-quality, handpicked ingredients.
Numan Weight Loss Programme

A new way to conquer weight loss

Scientifically-proven medication, continuous clinical care, and unlimited access to nutritionists and exercise physiologists to help create lasting results.

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Numan erectile dysfunction treatment

Tackle erectile dysfunction

Erection problems are common in men and the likelihood of experiencing ED increases with age. Thankfully, erectile dysfunction symptoms are relatively easy to treat with the help of ED medication.

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Lifestyle advice from our clinicians

Eat a balanced diet

Your body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals for optimal performance. A healthy diet also lowers your risk of serious health complications.

Stay hydrated

Drink approximately 8 glasses of water throughout the day to support your overall health.

Incorporate daily movement

Physical activity improves strength and ramps up your fitness levels. Moving every day is key to long-lasting health.

Track your progress
With lifestyle changes, you should be able to see shifts in your target biomarkers in as little as three months. Track these changes with regular, ongoing blood tests and manage your progress via the Numan app.
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