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6 things we learned from Bondara’s masturbation survey

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Sex toy company, Bondara, conducted a large survey that looked into a key aspect of sexual health: masturbation. 

Despite a taboo around the topic, masturbation actually has a range of sexual and mental health benefits and is even recommended by the Australian Queensland Government. The act is a normal part of sexual development and has been linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer (although further research is needed to support this claim).

The Bondara survey collected a whopping 4,612 results, 63% of which were male - so bear this in mind when you see the stats...

So, what did the survey teach us about masturbation?

Let’s dive in.

1. Almost half of respondents masturbate a few times a week (47%) while one in ten (13%) masturbate more than once a day

We know what you’re thinking: where do they find the time? But where there’s a will(y), there’s a way, and the survey revealed that almost half of the respondents masturbate a few times a week, with some steaming ahead at multiple times in one day.

2. Three in ten (30%) won’t masturbate in front of their partner

It seems that for many people, masturbation is a private act, to be done away from curious (or agitated) eyes.

3. Over a third (35%) don’t use lube while masturbating

Lube is a popular product in the bedroom but may often be reserved for partnered sexual acts.

4. Vibration is the favourite type of sexual stimulation (71%)

This is one to bear in mind if you find your erectile dysfunction medication isn’t having the desired effect as many people neglect the “turning on” phase. When taking medication such as sildenafil, Viagra, or tadalafil, you still need to be sexually stimulated for the medication to be effective. Vibration might just be the key.

5. Penis (62%) followed by balls (45%) and then anus (43%) are the most popular places to stimulate

Knowing your body is key to a happy sex life so if you’re unsure, here’s a good place to start…

6. Over half (53%) masturbate as a form of stress relief with more than a quarter doing it for a better sex life

Stress can negatively impact your sex life and may lead to erectile dysfunction, which is one of the many reasons why it’s so important to keep stress levels down. It seems that for some, the answer to this is masturbation.

It’s clear from the survey that masturbation is a positive and healthy part of many people’s sex lives. And don’t forget, masturbation isn’t the only way to boost your sexual health with multiple ways to combat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

The numan take

Masturbation is a healthy part of sexual exploration so it may come as no surprise that Bondara’s survey showed just how common it is. Respondents revealed it could even be a great form of stress relief. So if you want to boost your sex life, you know what to do…