QUITTING SMOKING ∙ 5 minutes read

How it works: the Quit Smoking Programme

By Numan Clinical Team

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. But with the right support and guidance, you can overcome your cravings and successfully kick the habit once and for all. 

Our Quit Smoking Programme makes it as easy as possible to stop smoking within 12 weeks. It combines three unique therapies — medication, phone counselling, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) — to make quitting an enjoyable and enriching experience. 

In this guide, we will show you how to use the Programme effectively so that you can get the most out of it. Stay strong, keep positive, and above all, believe that you have what it takes to quit smoking once and for all. 

How to use phone counselling sessions

Once your request for the Quit Smoking Programme is approved, we will send you an email with a link to book an introductory phone counselling session with a clinician. During this consultation, two key things will happen: 

  • The clinician will tell you when to start taking varenicline (the stop smoking medication included with your Programme) 
  • You will set your smoking quit date. This will be the date you decide to stop smoking. 

After this initial 20-minute call, you will be able to book weekly 10-minute phone counselling sessions throughout the duration of the programme. 

You must book these sessions yourself, so set a reminder each week to make sure you don’t miss any sessions. The more sessions you have, the more likely it is that you will quit smoking successfully. 

How to take varenicline (stop smoking medication)

After your introductory phone counselling session with a clinician, you will be ready to start taking varenicline. To take varenicline: 

  1. Set a smoking quit date with a clinician before you take your first dose of varenicline. The date you set should be in the second week of treatment (between days 8 and 14). Write your quit date on your box of varenicline so you don’t forget it.
  2. Once you have set your quit date, take 0.5mg once daily for the first 1-3 days.
  3. Take 0.5mg twice daily on days 4-7.
  4. Take 1mg twice daily from day 8 until the end of the 12-week treatment. 

Please see the varenicline safety information page included with your Programme for a full list of safety precautions and potential side effects. 

How to activate your cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) SMS messages

Once you reach your quit date, you will begin receiving cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) SMS messages. These messages will help you to avoid habits and patterns of behaviour associated with smoking.

If at any point during the Programme you begin to experience cravings that are particularly intense, you can text “CRAVE” to receive instant advice about how to manage your cravings. 

How to use the Ripple vape

The Ripple vape is an optional add-on for the Quit Smoking Programme. It can be used in situations that trigger cravings, such as social gatherings, drinking coffee, and taking breaks at work.

To use your Ripple vape, simply unbox the device, remove its protective caps and inhale for three seconds. After you’ve inhaled, exhale and enjoy the flavour of the vapour. 

You should not rely on the Ripple Vape as a smoking substitute. The Ripple vape is simply a tool to help reduce the behaviour patterns associated with smoking. As it is nicotine-free, you may find that after you use it a few times to help you cope with situations like the ones mentioned above you no longer need to use it. This is ideal, as not relying on it will help you to kick the habit with greater ease.

The bottom line

The Quit Smoking Programme gives you the support and guidance you need to stop smoking within 12 weeks. It combines three effective treatments to help you manage and overcome your cravings, and provides you with the encouragement you need to successfully quit. Quitting is tough, but we know you have the ability to do it. Stay driven, keep your eyes on the prize, and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal and become smoke-free.